Wednesday, June 2

092. It's Decided

Today was full of mulling over decisions.

I applied for my substitute teaching certification today, so fingers crosses that that will come back soon. I was debating putting my shop on hiatus during my stay with my family in July, but in lieu of my bracelet(s) being featured on other websites, I've decided not to take custom orders instead. I'm trying to cut down on what I'm taking because of all the killer fees that may ensue, so I unfortunately cannot ship all my crafting supplies back and forth with me. I may be moving/ shifting soon so that sets me into a mild panic about gathering up all my things again, but there are so many things to discuss with others that I'm going to do my best not to stress out over until the decision is made (not by me). Hm. I guess not much was actually decided on today besides what needs to be decided upon. ... Decided upon or on? Hm... not sure about that one either. Darn, I'm not very good at this. Lol.

I decided to try to give my brain a break by making a few cards. I only ended up making two because I kept tweaking my ideas.

This is the first. 
I'm actually not all that crazy about it. However, I love that handy and cute corner punch. I need to get me some of those!

This is the second one. 
I'm pretty sure I got the layout idea from designs I've seen around the internet. I love the framed leaf the most. It's from my newest cartridge, "Lyrical Letters". The sentiments and images are what I like the most. Go figure, there are seven fonts and I like the pictures.
This is actually from one of the sets of cards I made last night for friends. 

I can't wait to give it to them and I love the colors on this one. I would post a shot of the other set, but with the two here, they would definitely know who they are. :P Sigh, I really need to practice mixing mediums and techniques. Well, joining up with Stampin' Up should definitely help that! I can't wait to do more with them.

Oh! I just remembered the other decision that I actually made today! For my 100th blog post (which at the rate of being daily thing, will be Thursday, June 10th!) I shall be doing a little giveaway!

Who: Me...
What: 100th Daily Blog Post Giveaway!
When: Thursday, June 10th until 11:59pm Arizona Time- Monday, June 14th
Where: On my 100th Blog post
Why: To celebrate and have a chance at winning your choice of a handmade set of stationery or customized friendship bracelet!
How: Leave a comment with a way for me to contact you, which prize you would prefer, and (optionally) your favorite rant or post that I've made.

A winner will be randomly chosen, probably by the SO choosing a number from a bag, the next day. So, good luck and thank you so much for reading and stopping by my blog when you can! Thank goodness I remembered that now, lol. Well, that's all from me today. Until tomorrow! <3

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