Friday, June 18

108. Some Like It Hot

Just reserving this for later today. I'm pretty sure I messed up yesterday's post. :(

I'm not quite sure what happened to yesterday's post. :( It's up and fixed now though. I attempted to bookmark this post via the SO's phone and it was a technologically painful experience. Well, got up super early after a long night and was picked up to go straight to the storage place and start loading the truck. I have an embarrassing lack of upper body strength. For that matter, any strength. So I determined my job was to stay out of the way, help where I can, not be a nuisance, and not pass out in the middle of the hallways. Mission accomplished. About half of the unit was picked up yesterday and much of what was left today were empty boxes. Totally something I could take care of. Theoretically. It was a little hilly in the parking lot and the ramp lip was pretty steep, so when I half charged at it with a dolly cart full of boxes, I stopped as if I ran into a wall. Handlebar in the gut and all. Lol. Good game.

The boys unloaded the truck and we began to unpack a few basics, took a break for homemade burgers that were quite yummy. We got as far as unloading the trucks but it was a bit slower today from all the work they did yesterday and the fact that the high was 106 degrees. That is not a typo.

 One end of the house said this was the temperature. Nice little souvenirs from the previous owners.

This was what the other side of the house said. Shade can make all the difference. 

One of three right outside the back door. I know I've posted pictures of them before but I am in love!

It's mind-blowing all the colors on the same... bloom?

Even then, there's still a lot of variation. 

Some roses that were picked up today. Such pretty coloring!

Yellow with a hint of red. It's like a lot of friendship tinged with a bit of romance. Aw, that's sounds so sweet, lol. 

I unwrapped a few things and found a old school paper cutter wrapped in old newspaper that was pretty darn intriguing.

Look at that date! I don't think I've ever found anything like that before myself.

I finally gave in, skimmed the pool about three or four times, and then went swimming for a bit while fending off tons of tree bits and pollen. I even opened up my eyes underwater, which I realize I haven't done since my LASIK surgery almost a year ago. I also can't believe it's been that long since I've gone swimming. Kind of mind boggling. Also, very blurry. XD

It has taken me forever to write this and remember what all has happened today. My brain is officially fried and off duty. Until tomorrow! <3

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