Sunday, June 6

096. Recovering

Sorry if today is a little late. Blogger is having a bit of a server problem apparently. /frown.

Apparently, my lack of sleep caught up with me last night. I was pretty passed out for most of today, which I suppose isn't that bad of a thing. My baby brother had his high school graduation ceremony last night and I'm very proud of him. We decided against me flying back for it and instead coming out for an extended stay to hang out more would be a better use of airfare, so I can't wait to take him out and get him something when I go back to visit.

Had a little chat with my mom earlier and found out that she was indeed able to make it to watch my brother graduate at the last moment, I'm really grateful for that too. I'm so excited and trying to make plans with friends across the state for when I get there. It may include some road tripping to the Keys/ Tampa/ Orlando, but that's a price I'm willing to pay. :P

I'm determined to make the most/ best out of this trip because who knows when I'll be coming back next. As much as I enjoy just hanging out around the house, I no longer feel that it's acceptable when there are so many other opportunities to take advantage of. It's time to make some memorable memories! Lol. I'm not all that into partying or clubbing or whatever kids do nowdays (XD), but I wouldn't mind it with the right group of people to make it one hilarious night. I'm sure everything possible will go wrong, but being in good company makes those situations a thousand times better.

It was pretty hot out today. Even in the evening, the temperature was 105, but only felt like 99. Only. Psh. I do, however, appreciate the concept of dry heat. It feels like a blow dryer and I find it kinda toasty. I'm being teased about my trip back to Florida with how muggy it always is and how I'm going to feel like I'm drowning the moment I get off the plane. Well, I always have felt like I was drowning with all the humidity and have always been painfully aware of how gross it makes you feel. But I know my eyes and nose are going to appreciate having moisture again. The rest of me is just going to have to deal. Because, you know, I can control things like the atmosphere and weather if my body didn't feel like putting up with the current conditions. :P

I haven't thought of much else besides trying to get back into my game and re-realizing how my laptop's limitations helped cause me to go on a hiatus a few months back. It's incredibly frustration because playing a slide show is not fun at all. Especially when death and stuff is involved. All of that lead me back to researching the parts to build my own desktop computer. I love being a nerd-dork like that. It's really fun and funny. I'm wracking my brains trying to understand the jargon (I feel I only have a slightly above average knowledge/ experience with technology and gaming) but it's getting there.

I was more trying to finish compiling the components list so that I could start figuring out a budget to afford it piece by piece. I still feel that it's an impressive machine and more than perfect for what I'll expect it to do. Technology abuse, here we come! I'll be able to play all the games, listen to all the music, watch all the videos, and run all the other programs all I want and at the same time! Ugh! I can't wait. I have little to no patience with this sorta thing. Lol. It's like waving what shoes, purses, and designer jeans are to some girls. And maybe chocolate... mmm, chocolate. Lol. What was I talking about again?

Hm, what was a lowpoint for me today? Oh! My resentment of Walmart grew a couple points. I don't like advocating/ supporting such a behemoth, especially with all the reports of how they may not be treating their employees very well, but I can't help but to gawk and take advantage of the sales that they have sometimes. :( Well, silly Waller has yet another exclusive Provocraft product besides the recent black Cricut Expression and Cricut Create machines (which look pretty cool, I have to admit). They apparently have started to launch a line of "Cricute Lite" cartridges!

They are a bit on the pricier side for a "light" cart at $39.99. It there are about 20 different themes and only a few more images than what is on the typical light carts called "Cricut Solutions" which are about... $25? Some of the regular cartridges can be found for $45-50, so idk why the Waller ones are so pricey. Ugh, of course they have a cat-themed one. *glares* I'm not sure who I'm glaring at exactly, so we'll just go with the concept of Walmart, lol.

There has not been a formal announcement made by Provocraft about it yet, but some vigilant crafters have spotted them at only some of their local stores. I don't know how I feel trying to hunt down discounted carts that are exclusive to that store... Sigh. That really is a downer for the crafty part of me. Aw, why didn't I mention it first? Now I'm all bummed. Ha ha.

To brighten things up a bit, here's a nice collaboration between pianist David Sides and singing group, ILLumeci. It's a beautiful song from Leona Lewis called "My Hands" that I haven't heard before and I think they did an amazing job covering it. I encourage you to check out more videos from both artists!

That's all from me today! Until tomorrow, <3

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