Monday, June 28

118. Ack! Panic!

Honestly, in all of my nervousness and panicking, I almost forgot to write here today. That would have upset me so to come this far and just forget. Bah!

What is the hub-bub about? My flight to Florida tomorrow! Ahh! Lol, sorry. It's actually not that bad, I have just procrastinated on a few things I wanted to get done this month and decided to still go through with as much as possible all at once. Packing was a breeze. I was actually hunting around for things to bring so my bg ol' luggage bag wouldn't be so empty and my things (such as makeup) wouldn't rattle around during transit! I am being, imo, incredibly good about minimizing crafty things. I had pre-made a few cards, have my catalogs to ogle during the flight, packed some mono-adhesives, 2-way glue pens, and my bone folder for projects I've promised to help with during my stay, and no paper! /cringe. It almost hurts my nerdy/ dorky soul.

Amidst all of that, there were the usual chores of plant and fish-sitting. The SO and I also tackled scrubbing down the communal bathroom and kitchen counters, purging and sweeping the hallways, and clearing out some areas in the garage. Busy-busy and frustrating, but quite gratifying if I do say so myself. I'm doing more tidying of the community areas, especially moving anything of mine as out of sight and out of the way as possible since I'll be gone and not using any of it. I have a little more to do in the morning, just because I don't want to disturb people anymore than I already have tonight. But it shall get done! I will friggin' miss my flight and reschedule it for the next day or so if I have to! ... You know what's scary/ sad about that? I'm just crazy enough to do something like that from time to time. Ridiculous, I know.

:) The SO was considerate enough to confirm how to keep Lucy the Lucky Bamboo alive while I'm gone, mostly to reassure me that someone will check on her. I think she's growing. It seems like she does. Oh well, I'll probably really notice it once I get back after not seeing her for almost an entire month. Ahh! A whole month of being gone! I feel like there are so many other things I should have to take care of in preparation for that, but there really isn't. I have managed to take care of what I need to already. Well, except the tidying thing, but that's more of a considerate-responsibility rather than a you're-gonna-pay/ die-in-so-many-ways-if-you-don't-take-care-of-this-responsibility. Dramatic much? Why yes, yes I am. I am a Leo after all. Limelight, whatnot. Lol, I try to balance it out.

:( I'm really going to miss my boys. I've been out here for almost a year... that's gonna be a little rough for me. I know the SO is ready for some peace and quiet (XD such a trooper!) and well, kitty probably is too. I'm kinda smother-y but they know what they signed up for by letting me into [invade] their lives. I like to give almost as much attention as I like to receive (Roars and shakes mane, lol). ... My hands are really dried out from the cleaning products. Way to keep focus, eh?

Sigh. I'm sure everything will work out smoothly tomorrow. I just always go into a frenzy prior and try to over-prepare. Yes, yes, better safe than sorry/ always be prepared/ expect the unexpected, etc. Ha ha. I do have a track record of some uncommon mishap or bump in the road happen though. /knock on wood laminate. That's one thing that getting to know and being around the SO has taught me: it happens, it's not that big a deal, and a solution is probably really simple to figure out and execute. I'm really grateful for his example, it's helped me mostly conquer many of my fears about traveling solo these past few years.

Bah. I need to stop myself from nervously typing and going off on tangents! Must. Rest. Up. For. Day. Of. Traveling! Ahh! XD. Alrighty folks, here's to having a safe and smooth trip and writing tomorrow from oh-so-humid Florida! <3

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