Monday, June 14

104. Food For The Soul

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If you think I'm about to write about the joyful virtues of a home cooked meal, you are about to be sadly mistaken. I did, however, make a Beefaroni "Casserole" earlier today and it came out fairly well for me tossing it together at the last moment, lol.

Tomorrow is trash and recycling pick up day (we only get one a week! o_o) and there was a mild crunch to grab whatever we could and set it out at the "last" moment. We and probably most of the neighborhood would probably set the bins out much earlier if it weren't for the fact that big ol' honkin' and stinky javelinas like to go garbage diving at night. Did you know they live in herds and are actually fairly aggressive? They are like southwestern rhinos. Not cool up close and personal. Plus they will tear through bags and knock over the cans and make huge messes that we'd have to clean up, like raccoons... but huge. /frown. baby javelina are pretty cute to look at, most baby animals are, but then that also means you're probably way too close for mama javelina's liking. Again, not cool. Anyways, putting out trash is usually a last minute thing. Lol.

One of my big household projects this month is to do an inventory overhaul of the kitchen. So, that's right, I took it upon myself to purge the fridge, freezer, spice cabinet, and counters. I don't think I'll be able to go through the pantries tonight and not hate myself for staying up so late. Hooray for next Monday night! :P Not. That's tossing out anything that isn't worth keeping for one reason or another and then scrubbing the thing down since it's all rotating out. Not fun but I know it'll be so worth it. The spice rack I managed to complete yesterday was motivating me today since that corner was one of the most intimidating to look at and today it was handy cooking space for my yummy dish. As much as food can be good/ representative of your soul, it's can be equally bad when poorly regulated or maintained. Again, I hope my master plotting and organizing will help keep it easy & healthy as well as encourage better habits for everyone who comes in contact with it for a little while to come.

Or until it's time to drown it in bleach, take a flame thrower to it, toss it out, and then get everything new. :D That's usually my ultimate solution for pretty much every problem in life. I have yet to be forced to implement it. :(

Well, gonna get back to freezing my fingers to icy shelves again! Until tomorrow, <3

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