Sunday, June 13

103. Wonderful Sights & Smells

Although my sleep cycle is all sorts of jacked up, I'm still powering through the day and trying to get some projects done. Lol, I'm sure this isn't news, but Sunday is not the best day to start late with errands. We managed to grab a few things that we wanted, but tomorrow will definitely be "Part 2" of today's adventures.

I was happy to have the change of scenery yesterday without having to go too far. We hung out in a nice hotel suite for a little bit yesterday and I didn't want to promise pictures without seeing if any of them came out well enough, lol. A hotel room is a hotel room and this one was nice. Two full bathrooms, bedroom, living area, dining area, and two balconies. Not a bad upgrade for no extra charge, hm? It's a beautiful place on the mountain called... erm... hm. Oh! The Loews at Ventana Canyon.

I'm such a nerd/ goof. The first night we hung out a few of us went into the pool and I was too tired to, so I sat by the edge of a swanky hotel pool and played my Nintendo DS. Nintendogs (the one with the husky, yorkie, and shih tzu) to be exact. :D I can't suppress myself, lol. The pictures I took that night did not come out well at all- mostly desert dust specks floating in front of my camera lens. However! We brought more people along the next day just to hang out again and I took better ones. Before I get to that, I have to say that sometimes I really miss having cable television. We perused and  watched snippets of several shows and channels together, lol.

I had no idea that this finally made it into mainstream programing. 
That means very little to most people. :D

Nickelodeon. Really, really? Because Cartoon Network didn't play this out to death repeatedly? Got to love the ridiculousness and hilarity of Dragonball Z. Oh, does this bring back memories. 

Here's a little peek of the view outside the main balcony!

Views of the city are pretty foreign to me, being a Floridan and all, but I can't tell you how deeply in love I have fallen with the views here. Granted this is a slightly spoiled view and semi-rare manicured lawns, but still. : )

Another nice view of the end of a sunset here. Again, flash was not my friend here, but the plants and layers of colors are kinda fun. This is a view from a house I shall be spending quite a bit more time at in the near future (helping with moving everything in this weekend).
Cute spice bottles that I found in FMIL's kitchen that I am in the process of cleaning up to have them be used regularly (crosses fingers) again. They go into an adorable little wooden spice rack cabinet. 

A portion of the spices I'm finding stashed all over the kitchen. Cleaning them up too and hoping to think of a good system for organizing them soon. Looks daunting, eh? Smells great though! XD

I should get back to that. I think I'm morally obligated to finish this endeavor before I go to bed. It'd would be really weird for everyone else to wake up to a million little bottles all over the kitchen. Lol. Alright, I hope you liked the pictures! See you tomorrow when I stop accepting giveaway entries! <3

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