Thursday, June 17

107. Packed

Today ended up being jam packed and had an entry scheduled to be posted in the evening and I didn't see it go up. So I shall update this later!

Got up early to drop off family at airport and went to try to meet up with SO's dad at the TGIF that we had a wonderful giftcard to. Yeah... didn't work out that way, lol. We tried to be convenient and show up just before he had wrapped up his errands but ended up being on the wrong side of town and one hour or so late to the moving party. :( Helping failed. Good news is is that there was plenty of stuff to deal with, such with all moving. Lucky us. XD

But look at this beautiful view! It does make it significantly better laboring through the day. 

Gorgeous-looking tree. Annoying as all get-out with it's shedding strings into the pool. :(

I wanted to swim so badly but I don't like debris touching me. Also, what shape would you call this? We've called it "abstract", "asymmetrical", "oblong", and of course, my word, "wonky."

We ended up calling it when it got way too hot to be doing manual labor out in a garage and ended staying way into the night just hanging out. At the end of the night, we had a spiritual moment and participated in a Native American-influenced prayer for a friend. It was the first I've ever done, but it was very profound experience.

We'll get back to it tomorrow, so see you then! <3

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