Saturday, June 12

102. Retractable

I take back what I said about my 101st post being a cop-out. Well, I said it felt like one, but you get the idea. Today I'm posting a video because I am wiped from my sleep deprivation accumulating. We ran a few errands and hung out at a fairly swanky hotel room with the SO's dad earlier and it was nice change of scenery. Beautiful views from up on the mountain. Today was mostly plotting out next weekend which will be full of moving furniture. Fun stuff! Sometimes I like the fact that I cannot haul massive couches. :D Supervising ftw (for the win).

This is a video of a cover of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" by Jeff Hendrick feat. Elise Lieberth:

It's a fun and different take on the song, which was already catchy. :) I'll see y'all tomorrow! <3

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