Saturday, June 19

109. Making A Home

We were back helping move into the house today but I got to sleep in a whole lot today prior. Hooray! It was much needed after we were up late "partying" and sharing very different genres of songs. Lol. Country, heavy metal, love ballads, pop- you name it.

Headed into the Home Depot today- I absolutely love that place. Actually, I like all hardware places like Lowe's and Ace too, lol. So many goodies. And power tools. Mmm... Yes, I know I have been forbidden by many people from ever learning how to use them, let alone owning any of my own. It's a justifiable ordinance. XD As per custom, we spent hours there running back and forth to grab item after item as it came to mind and were distracted by other goodies and fun gadgets. I was only a little bad by collecting two color palette booklets and one or two brochures. However, since it was pretty much the first thing we did in the day, I was just a tad... famished. XD I coulda whined a lot more than I actually did just because Home Depot is awesome. The SO took pity on me while were waiting to pay and bought me a mini can of Pringles that I attacked. Let's just say by the time that everything was paid for, I was done. Afterwards, we did grab some Yokohama's on the way back. Yum! I also found out that I was more thirsty than hungry. Lol. Yeah, I need to figure out this regular hydration thing for as long as I plan to stay in the desert.

We set about playing with a shop vac-leaf blower doo-dad which was actually a lot of fun to unleash upon all the dead foliage in the front yard. Pranks were played on everyone by all the whole day through too. :P Trimmed some crazy trees back and I tried to help out by putting together a little table for the backyard and I won! Yay me. Lol. Yet again, the pool was skimmed a million times and the guys went about setting up landscaping lights. We cannot figure out why there are hardly any outdoor illumination at this place. I played with this handy and wiggly mister thing- sorry, where I'm from- they are usually only featured at fancy restaurants and theme parks, lol. But we really made this house a home when one of the water lines for the drip-system was nicked and water began to gush everywhere. XD Typical house owner mistake but what are the chances, right?! It was all good, the guys figured out how to turn off the water temporarily and it will be fixed completely tomorrow. The lighting ended up being so great and helpful though. We can all finally see where we're walking after the sun sets without fear of disappearing into the pool or cold hot tub.

The SO finally decided to give into peer pressure, plus he was showered with pollen when trimming back a few trees, and decided to take a quick swim. I was already dipping my feet into the water and lamenting that I didn't think to bring my swim suit this morning. Finally, I ended up borrowing one and joined in. That got the SO's dad to jump in again too. I think it was the first time that more than one person was in the pool at the same time. XD Of course, I was picked on and kinda drowned a few times. At least I scored a few big ol' splashes to the face in retaliation.

Um... that's all I can really think to write about today- the heat can really take a lot out of you, even when you're just standing there :( see you tomorrow! <3

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