Saturday, June 26

116. In The Darkness

Well, the pictures of my reference sheets and of the kitty watching fishies with me are now up! The internet, including wireless networks, were set up today at the new place easily, thanks to the SO being tech savvy. The job that I took on today was helping to set up the entertainment center and then hooking everything up properly. I won! I bent my fingers and arms in ways that I should have, but the television, cable box, dvd/vhs, and sound system running and working together! Plus, the cords were as tucked away as we could get them and I labeled what went together and where. It was a job well done and I spent much of the evening enjoying the spoils of my brain-melting work.

We had some wonderful barbecue chicken with sunflower-honey bread, asparagus, and homemade potato salad. We were so hungry at that point that I didn't catch a picture of it before it was nearly annihilated, lol. Some time after, the SO's dad went hunting for scorpions with a black light flashlight and found a little one almost immediately in the backyard. I caught some pictures and video and then spent the rest of my time there trying to convert and edit it. I know I'm really bad at both, lol. Or just pretty bad. I took out the audio on purpose because we were just chatting away and that annoys me to watch and listen to in other people's videos. :P Here is what I managed to throw together:

Scary/ creepy-looking sucker, isn't he? Lol. I got a little jittery after watching and hanging around it. Especially, when the boys were trying to coerce tiny cockroaches and bugs near it to try to see it hunt them down. That also might explain why I hide inside with the comfy chairs that were finally unpacked and the  fully-functioning entertainment system that was working beautifully. :P

The open house for the new catalogs is tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait!! Then I really have to get back to household cleaning and organization... then maybe some packing of my own. Lol. Yeah... >_>...

Well, until tomorrow! <3 Lol.

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  1. Your video is pretty cool! I didn't know scorpions would glow under a black light! That will be good information to store somewhere in my brain! :) Thanks for sharing!


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