Sunday, June 20

110. Happy Father's Day

To start things off correctly: Happy Father's Day. You guys may not get the commercials promoting jewelry, chocolates, breakfast in beds, and a family-free vacation day but know that you are appreciated and did your best with raising those kids. When they want to borrow the car, think your wallet is their personal ATM, make you cringe when the date is brought by the house, when they wake up for the millionth time in the middle of the night for a drink of water- you're an unsung hero. Cheers to you, Dads!

Spent most of the day at the new place ogling over newly installed lights and my paper goodies that I brought over to share. I really such a Leo in that aspect- love to take about me and my accomplishments, no matter how small. :P There's still a long way to go, but it's really coming together over there. I wish I could help out more but can only carry so much furniture. Just you wait until we're unpacking all the knick knacks! I will wipe the floor with that job! Lol.

I really can't to ogle the new goodies next month from Stampin' Up! I'm still debating whether or not I want to indulge Walmart in getting any of the new Cricut Lite cartridges. They just really seem like I'm paying too much for not a whole lot. I really do like some of the themes that they brought out- they had to have some good stuff with 24 releases! It kind of also kills me that they are all exclusive to that franchise (Ebay makes me super tentative). They had their second and main "Hello Thursday" a few days ago. One full cartridge along with three smaller seasonal ones. The latter actually focus on Autumn and Halloween! *Gasp* I guess that is coming and getting started on those projects sooner is better but jeez! Panic much? I still haven't wrapped my head around any Fourth of July goodies. I thought about that for a second and realized that its actually coming up really fast. Oops, lol.

Did I mentioned that it still got up to 101 degrees today? A lot less humid today and it seemed to be hotter for much longer today. Or maybe because we've been out and about and working in +100 conditions a couple of days in around. Or maybe my typical flakiness was having an especially good day. :P

Before I leave to get some rest, here's a little something that I've thought about doing throughout the day myself:

See you tomorrow! <3

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