Monday, June 7

097. Melting

The temperatures are still creeping up out here. I'm not sure if I like being reminded that I moved out of the swamp and into a desert. The hard ground and dirt has been bleached almost white by the sun and walking outside right after you wake up it simply blinding. Quite the wake up call but not helpful when you already had enough trouble keeping your eyes open in the first place. :P Car seat belt buckles can burn and scar you in this kind of heat. Not something I'm looking forward to, lol. I grabbed an ice cream sandwich at the corner store earlier and tried so hard to scarf it down before it completely melted on me. Yeah... that mission was by no means accomplished. There were many casualties. Most of them involved my digits, ha ha. I also tried to grab some Hostess little cupcakes. I thought they were vanilla and I was partially correct. They had orange frosting that I was not expecting at all. Next time I know to read my food better. XD

I had quite to-do list set out for myself today, mostly to finish up all the little projects that I've been working on for the past week. I'm staring at the list right now and all I have to say about that is: /sigh. There's a reason why those were unfinished. It's really weird how the simplest sounding tasks can be so tedious and time-consuming. On top of that, I had a few Etsy orders come in so that was nice to take a break and prep those for shipping out tomorrow. I really thought that Father's Day was coming up this weekend and was sadly mistaken. At least I can put off planning something for another week. XD Man, that sounds bad. I shall snag a few pictures of the cards that I've been working on and post them tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow... our Stampin' Up goodies should be arriving! I hope they arrive earlier in the day, but from what I've seen happen with the delivery service, we're usually at the end of the list. :( I was hoping to play with our new toys tomorrow before we went and visited a former student. She is an amazing little girl who's life expectancy was two years old and she's heading onto kindergarten this coming school year. What a trooper. We may even dress up a little to have "high tea time". We have so many goodies to give her. They have already given her her class/art work from this past school year, a yearbook, two craft kits that we did in class while she was gone, and cards I think. Tomorrow we're gearing up to give her a vase that has a Japanese fighting fish aka Beta fish inside and a peace lily on top. What a fun dichotomy, yes? It's a beautiful, smaller than the other, crown tail? I forget the exact name, but he's mostly blue with streaks and spots of teal, green, and red on his spiky-shredded looking tails and fins. There's also the origami crane mobile that we made for her in purple, green, gold, and red. I have no idea why I didn't snag any pictures today. Tomorrow is already jammed packed of fun stuff to do and now I have to scramble to make sure I take photos of it all.

To make up for that, here's a video of one of my recent YouTube artist obsessions, Tyler Ward:

Well, that's it from me today! Hope you enjoy and how you enter in my little 100th post giveaway that's happening/ starting this Thursday! <3

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