Thursday, June 24

114. All Around

I struggled a little bit with naming today's post. Sometime I just write what I want to and figure that out after. Alright, if you can't tell I'm borderline deliriously tired right now. :P Been hard at work on crafting for a purpose. That and for the past few days I've not only been under the weather, but have had this stabbing pain in... well, one of my organs that are located in my gut area. Lol. Idk, I asked around what it was and it may be my kidney or appendix, but either way sometimes the only think I could say when anyone asked me how I was doing was "My this/ organ hurts." *points and grimaces*. :( However, today it didn't hurt as much!

Yes, the SO was on call to bring me to the ER if I felt things were that serious enough. Grocery shopping is hard to do when you have to stop every other aisle because of a stabbing pain inside you make you lose vision for a sec. I don't know how some people deal with that kind of pain on a regular basis with some conditions and diseases that are out there. Moral of the story is, I'm stubborn, was hurt, but managed to get work done today. I have a lot of catching up to do with orders, cleaning, and working on projects for some of my lovely friends. I'm sorry for the delay and it'll all be done by the end of this weekend!

I think I'm heading to Florida next week. Oh man, that panic is starting to set in, lol. I need to empty out some luggage, pull out everything I'm going to bring, make sure I don't need to get anything else done in person before I go, and ahhh! Um... let's just pretend that it isn't going to happen for now. >_> ... <_< Alrighty, moving on.

The cats have been extra weird lately. Granted, they are always quirky and resemble their daddies to the point of hilarity. Idk if it had to do with how hot it's been getting lately- Btw, today's high was 106. Yes, 106 degrees. Thankfully, it was wonderfully heavily overcast and the darkening clouds were ominous. -but the kitties have developed the habit of sleeping underneath the bed. Usually they only stay under there if they're scared/ spooked. They're actually sleeping under there. Together! For kitties that tend to value their personal space away from each other, this is really confusing and bizarre. Are they throwing sweet dance parties down there? What is going on?!

The good news is, I'm getting whatever funk I've been in and music is helping me pull through by keeping me grounded while helping my spirit soar. I've given myself many stern talking-to's internally and I hope I start up with growing up more now. My mind is in dire need of straightening up and re-vamping. Things needs to be changed for good and sooner rather than later.

I'm kind of confusing myself right now and hope that you're not left completely lost after reading today's rant. Thank you for stopping by once again and see you tomorrow! <3

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