Thursday, June 3

093. My Brain Hurts

I'm stating the obvious here by saying that I am really bad at sitting still and studying.

I'll constantly get up to either grab a snack, make entire meals for myself, listen to music (but end up flipping through songs), having videos/ tv playing in the background for white noise (but I'll end up avidly watching it even if I've seen the program a million times before), checking in on the people around me to see what they're up to, or becoming fixated on some craft brainstorm and having to jot down all the ideas. It's just a really bad and sad sight.

I've never really had a designated time and space to study as a kid, so you'd think I'd take full advantage of a desk-like area and the peace and quiet I can find now. Unfortunately, it seems to drive me up a wall and I have no clue how to study properly. It's really quite amazing how I've managed to ever passed anything in my life.

It reminds me of the little sad face icon you can find on the internet with that caption that reads: "I can't brain today. I have the dumb." That pretty much sums up my afternoon today. Well, it probably summarizes how I spend 80% of my waking hours. :P I enjoy making up very relative and non-scientifically tested (let alone proven) statistics. What's that other quote? "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Man, that was an interesting class to take my senior year of high school.

The good news is that in between all of my procrastination and distractions, I somehow managed to read half of my text book! Hooray! I decided it was getting late enough that I could reach a good stopping point and finish the rest tomorrow. Yum. So, no pictures or crafting today for me. :(

To make up for that, here's one of my recently favorite'ed videos from YouTube!

The Beatbox Hitman beatboxes to Lady Gaga's "Alejandro". Mmm... that's quite the yummy name to say, lol. He's great and does pretty awesome collaborations. After listening to his version of the song, hearing it any other way just seems lacking. He can be such a goof too- as you can see by the introduction and if you keep watching until the very end.

In vaguely bad news, our goodies from Stampin' Up have yet to be shipped. It's really understandable given how everyone involved in probably scrambling to snag all of the items that are retiring at the end of the month. Quite a bit of it has already sold out! We did snag one retiring hostess-exclusive stamp set, a few packs of the current In-Color cardstock at half price, a set of the In-Color markers, and one of the stamp sets that I personally got to make backgrounds. Nothing like sales and discontinuations to make you scramble. I cannot wait to show you what I come up with. You know, once it actually ships, arrives, I plot, I actually make something, and take a picture of it... Details, details. :P

That's enough out of me for today! ^_~ Until tomorrow, <3

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