Tuesday, June 22

112. Long Awaited

A lot of waiting was done today. We were in the mood to play our game, World of Warcraft (aka WoW) after days of spending entire days sans internet while at the new house. To make that deal bittersweet, there was quite a update to it today. A few years back, you know, back in the good ole days, the maintenance and updates would be done by 11am PDT at the latest. That is now 3pm PDT, on average. Today it was more of a 6:30pm kind of deal. So very painful. It wasn't even so much as there was going to be tons of new things to do. Nope, the new raid (think dungeon with bigger groups) they added isn't available to access in North American just yet and the only other thing they really did was to add this Friends list/ chat system.

Personally, I feel that it is kind of nice but in very limited ways. I don't like giving out my email along with my full name, let alone having it displayed every time someone sends me a message. Yes, it's supposed to connect people who are friends in real life, but come on. As with any other social networking gimmick, there are going to be a substantial amount of people who aren't quite really your friends but will be offended/ hurt if you deny the connection. I will be using it sparingly.

There were a bunch of other little instances, but I don't feel like remembering them all because it'll just lead me to get frustrated all over again about them, lol. I'm feeling pretty under the weather today and and crossing my fingers that I don't get too sick this week. The good news is that my camera is all charged up and ready to go tomorrow. :)

Before I go, there is one of the best things I've seen in a long time from one of the best shows (it's a web show) I've seen in a while. Just because I'm a dork/nerd/geek like that. :D The Guild!""


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