Saturday, June 5

095. Happy Dance

Well, my first huge assessment is over and done with. Now to anxiously twiddle my thumbs for the next, oh... four to six weeks? Yep, that's how long it takes to get my pass/ fail back. Good stuff, eh? It's lovely that we ran on virtually no sleep and got up about 5:20am for a check-in of 8am. We even got there an hour sooner than expected. To top that off, it was already reaching well into the 90s. Friggin' desert and its heat, lol. I believe we hit the century mark last Friday. Can you believe that?!

Some better news is that I got my teaching substitute certificate in the mail today! I can officially be a substitute teacher in the state of Arizona! Hooray!! *happy dance* That's another step closer to securing my own classroom by the end of the year! It's one step closer to becoming the best me that I can be! I totally did not mean for that to be such a lame rhyme, lol.

Am I running on caffeine with a hint of willpower? Why yes, yes I am. XD

To put the icing on the cake, I got an email confirmation of our main order from Stampin' Up being shipped out yesterday! It should get here on Tuesday and we can't wait! *more happy dancing*

I don't know if I can take any more excitement. Actually, I'm pretty sure I can't take any more without risking some stress-induced blood vessel bursting. Oh wait! I'm finally back full force in WoW. I'm sure there's a select audience out there that will appreciate that. :D

Well, that's all from me today! Until tomorrow, <3

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