Tuesday, June 29

119. Are We There Yet?

I'm writing while in sticky icky Florida! I finally met up with my family almost two hours after I was originally scheduled to land. They were waiting for me at the airport the whole time as well. But I'm here and it's grossly humid again.

My brother took me on a tour of the house to see what has been worked on and/or finished in the past year. Good game. I may try to snag a couple of pictures tomorrow but I make no promises because he's going to take me around town to do some shopping because I have no self control and he has nothing better to do. :D Lol.

I barely slept for various reasons last night. Nervous about traveling, had that freaky creepy crawly feeling (when you swear that bugs are touching you or crawling on you but they're really not), dogs barking, etc. But I dragged myself awake, double checked my bags and went about a tidying up frenzy around all my spots around the house as well as communal areas. Well, it was more finishing up and polishing what I had done last night. The flights were okay, besides the delays. My second flight was a little bumpy and rough, but nothing to be spooked about.

Oh! Speaking of creepy feelings. We found what had bit the SO the other night! We went on a hunt on a hunch and found the culprit: an assassin/ kissing bug! Little bugger is like a huge mosquito-tick thing. But we caught it and it's dead. And if his foot gets any worse we have the little monster. I didn't want to take a picture of it and if bugs creep you out, you don't have to click on the link. They secrete a moderately pungent smell when disturbed, suck your blood after injecting you with a blood coagulator like a mosquito does, and track you down via sensing your warmth, faint smell, and/or carbon dioxide being exhaled. That last part gives them the name kissing bug because they'll bite into you near your mouth while you're sleeping. Ugh! Do you blame me for being a tad paranoid last night?

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything I want to right now, so I shall write again tomorrow! <3

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  1. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to look...not I think I'm going to feel creepy crawly! Hopefully that is a bug that does not like South Carolina! :)


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