Wednesday, June 9

099. I Heart Organizing

I think I really mean that. I've always liked organizing other people's things for fun for no reward other than a pat on the head. And to get insider scoops on their stuff. :P It's usually much harder to apply those kinds of things to yourself. I'm making quite the gallant effort.

We got a tip from our SU (Stampin' Up) demonstrator, the lovely Kim Lujan, about organizing cardstock within a limited space. It's been killing me trying to figure out a decent method. Well, during some spring/summer cleaning, FMIL found some colorful file folders (I've actually used these in a filing crate I have back at my folks' house) and we went to Target and I found a handy $10 filing crate with a lid that can hold the typical 8.5x11" and Legal size documents! This is great because it means I should be able to fit my 12x12 patterned paper pads as well! Here is the result:

Okay, so many the lid doesn't quite fit on it with the 12x12's in there. I'll figure something else out when I have more room to play with. :P

A close-up of the labels I made with some help of my new 1" circle punch. Sorted by color and company if possible. 

Long envelopes are taped inside each file to hold appropriate scraps!

I finally used the Cricut vinyl I accidentally bought for myself! Letters cut in various fonts from the Lyrical Letters cartridge for fun. I love it! How cute is that? Totally re-positionable and reusable as well.

And to top this all off:
We had tacos for dinner! With BACON! There were also large flour tortillas, lettuce, refried beans, tomato, and onion toppings available. This was a small dream come true and I'm one step closer to dying happy now that I've tried this. XD

I'm so proud of my latest organization project that I keep looking over at it. I will kick myself if I don't keep this system up! Lol. The house has been in a bit of a frenzy because some members are going on an almost month-long trip. Hard to pack and figure out what needs to get done while they're gone. Actually, it's pretty much complete chaos. What would summer be without it? ... Relaxing, I suppose. XD Totally kidding, it'll be great. I just have to keep telling myself that because I'm planning this house-wide purge and decontamination (lol) while they're gone as a half surprise. 

For some reason that reminded me that I need to replenish my pre-made handmade cards. I'm already running a bit low! :O People need to just stop having birthdays and accomplishing things for about three months while I catch up. :P

Tomorrow is my giveaway! Um... I haven't quite figured out what that's going to look like. Probably picture filled of examples of cards and bracelets. Lol. That would only make some sense though and I'm not sure we can have any of that around here! We'll see what happens. Until then! <3

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