Wednesday, June 30

120. Under Fire

It's not really a visit home/ with your family unless there are prying questions and oodles of awkward moments/ subjects. Yes, it was that time again. It actually started in the car on the way to the house from the airport last night, lol. Everything from clearing up or being curious about the choices I've made in the past to what I'm up to or trying to be up to now. There are all sorts of misunderstandings and things that are pretty much better left unsaid/ un-clarified. Then there are things I used to really care about, I now don't have any problem speaking about. I guess when you don't see each other often and there are things you've been pondering over for quite some time, it's just easier to spit it out and ask pointedly. It gives me very mixed emotions: frustration, exasperation, insecurity, closeness, nostalgia, amusement, thoughtfulness, anxiety, worry, embarrassment, and exhaustion. Lol.

Went shopping today. To say that shopping is not one of my strong suits is an understatement. Well, at least shopping for clothes and such. It was more of an ambush kind of feeling. I was a tad overwhelmed and tried to hide it behind feigning humor. My mother knows the degree of hopeless I really am, lol. I did grab a frozen mocha drink from Panera Bread before the trip so I'm still wired! Sleeping is going to suck tonight.

I did get to hang out with one of my favorite-est(?) persons... (Okay, idk what I'm trying to do with that anymore, lol) in the whole wide world! I opened the car door when they came to pick me up and said: "Is it bad that I kinda wanted to bring my laptop?" The resound reply was: "NO! We wanted to play too- GO GET IT!!" So, I got to meet their SO and we ate yummy foods, had even yummier dessert at my old Cold Stone stomping grounds, and then went off to be nerds and played WoW. XD It was pretty darn great. I loved starting to catch up and great geeky conversation. It makes me feel like I know something about something/ stuff. Lol.

I need to get myself to bed. Or at least unconscious. Um, I'm not quite sure what's going to be harder. :P Until tomorrow when I hope to go on adventures with my baby bruddah! <3

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  1. Ok...I think I need some clarification...what or who is your SO? lol! Otherwise...sounds like your first full day in Florida was successful! I haven't been back since I left in 7th grade! One of my friends is getting married in April...maybe I'll make the trip down there then. It would be nice to go back and reminisce about the good ole days. Enjoy Florida! Post pictures!!


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