Friday, June 25

115. Wasted

It almost sounds like a frat party or Carrie Underwood song. (Un)Fortunately, it's neither. :D

The SO and I pretty much spent our entire day waiting around for essentially nothing. Neither the internet, phone, satellite TV companies came through today for one reason or another. It was pretty painful with no furniture or tasks to do and pretty darn frustrating. Today could have been spent a lot better, starting with catching up with some sleep. Well, now it'll be everyone/ someone else's problem. : )

We have one of the sweetest and most inquisitive kitties around. The SO saw a special that included a segment about cuttlefish (which are incredibly awesome, btw- go look up a few videos on YouTube about them!) and that led me to want to watch Finding Nemo for the millionth time. :D Fantastic movie. I put it in and he's watching it with me! His eyes are darting and following all the tasty fish morsels swimming back and forth. Even during the scene of the mine fields exploding his head was actually following each one blowing up. He's always watched TV from time to time. At one point, the SO and I were speaking whale and kitty was terribly offended. XD Ugh! It's such a fantastic movie. I love how every character seem to have unique and distinct personalities even within their species.

"Mine??? Mine? MineMineMineMineMine?" "You're Rats with WINGS!" Ahahahahaha.

Such a great movie, I watched it twice today. And hooray for laptops. It made today slightly bearable. Slightly.But having pets around, even if none of them are yours, makes everything better. They are too cute and hilarious.  

When we're taking a break amidst the unpacking tomorrow, I shall post various pictures. ^_^ See you then! <3

--- Update ---
Sharkbait, Ooo-ha-ha!

Mount Wannahockaloogie!

Cuddle buddies. <3

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    Dory: "Wow, I wish I could speak whale!"

    Ha, ha, ha! WIN! :OD


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