Thursday, June 10

100. The Lowdown On 100 Days

In honor of my 100th day of daily blogging I thought I would try to name 100 things about myself that you may or may not know. Almost like the introduction I should have done, say, 100 days ago. :P

But first, I'll post about the GIVEAWAY!

*Leave a comment (you don't have to sign up to Blogger) with a way for me to contact you and mention which of the two possible prizes you like (handmade friendship bracelet or handmade set of cards) on this post between today (Thurs, June 10th) and Monday (June 14). This'll give people a better chance if you don't have the time to explore my blog until the weekend. :) I would love to hear about an entry that you really could relate with or really amused you. Or even a random fact about you would be fun, but extra comments are optional. One entry per person but I don't mind if you happen to comment more than once.*

Here are a couple of pictures of ideas for the your possible prize:

Alright, now that we have that over with, let's see if I can think of 100 semi- unique (to my blog) bits of info about me:

1. I'm Vietnamese.
2. I'm also first generation U.S. citizen.
3. I majored in Psychology.
4. I somehow managed to pull off a minor in Sociology as well.
5. I'm 5' 2.5" tall.
6. My favorite number is 3.
7. I'm pretty sure I'm inept at all things girly.
8. My main is a Female Night Elf (BM/ MM) Hunter.
9. My secondary is a Female Draenei (Prot/ Holy) Paladin.
10. I used to not be able to see further than three inches in front of my face clearly.
11. I don't smoke.
12. I don't drink alcohol.
13. I don't have a favorite color.
14. I'll make up a color (usually in the blue to green family) when asked.
15. I had a booklet about reading palms that told me that I was going to have three kids: Boy-Girl-Boy.
16. I took piano lessons for about 6 years.
17. I don't have my driver's license yet.
18. I once tried to convince my folks to let me have a hamster and reasoned that their average lifespan was two years and by that time, I'd be in college and they wouldn't have to worry about caring for it because it would have already passed.
19. I used to have two American Eskimo dogs that were siblings.
20. We used to have two bunnies and I had their genders switched in my head for several years after we had them.
21. I won't use live bait when I fish, let alone bait my own hook with it.
22. I've never worn a bikini outside of a store dressing room because I'm way too self conscious about that sort of thing.
23. One day, I will own one and wear it to the pool/ beach.
24. I can't help but stare at my food while it's cooking in the microwave. :(
25. If I can even be good enough to be classified, I'm a Soprano 2.
26. I have avoided vegetables like the plague for most of my life. I'm working on that.
27. I can't quite stand eating seafood because I don't like being able to identify what part of an animal my food came from.
28. I pretty much drool over good synchronized dancing by a group of guys.
29. I can't run for the life of me.
30. Colors fascinate me so much like I like to collect them.
31. My best roommate and I used to have sleep overs in our living room/ own rooms by dragging mattresses over.
32. I think it takes talent and tons of effort to create horrible mac 'n' cheese or pizza.
33. I realize I am quite the jerk, but especially so when I was 12 years old.
34. I think my dating style is serial monogamist.
35. I strongly believe that there is a difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with someone.
36. One of my least favorite sounds in the world are various types of annoying laughter from girls.
37. Honestly, I don't believe all babies are cute and I think if any of my kids aren't all that attractive, I'll be able to admit that to myself one day. They'll still be beautiful to me, just not conventionally beautiful.
38. My go-to sandwich at Subway is 12" toasted Italian BMT with Cheddar cheese on Italian Herb & Cheese bread.
39. I adore ice cream.
40. I once had Wasabi- flavored ice cream.
41. I once tried to down a tablespoon or cinnamon. Not cool.
42. There was a time in my life that I refused to wear white tops because I was so self-conscious.
43. There also was a time in my life where I was pretty much allergic anything pink because I just couldn't stand the whole ditsy bubble-brained persona/ lifestyle.
44. I think my singing voice can blend really well with many other types of voices.
45. I wish I was as brave as the girls from the Pussycat Dolls. Oh, and was able to dance like them too.
46. I think Christina Aguilera can sing, but her vocal runs bore me when a four minute song goes on for eighteen.
47. I use pretty colorful language when I'm in a player-vs-player setting in video games.
48. I'm the type of person that shall always have regrets, but I shall make my peace with each and every one of them and learn from my mistakes.
49. I like helping and giving, and I think I do it a lot, but I'm pretty friggin' selfish as well.
50. I think I cried when I got my first "B" grade. Oh, what a long way I've come, lol.
51. The only foreign accent I can kinda fake is a British accent. Or what I perceive to be a British accent.
52. I love listening to accents. Especially from kids, I can't help squealing and suppressing it.
53. I have a love-hate relationship with Disney theme parks.
54. I once pet a huge (I was 6 years old) turkey on it's head. So creepy and gross.
55. I cannot watch horror films. All of those theatrics really work on me.
56. I once begged to go to last period of class in high school while I was still under anesthesia. I never missed a day in high school (or at least coming to campus before heading off to a field trip) but my mom dragged me out of the attendance office because I started crashing fast.
57. I had one of the top three grades in my Medical Skills class in HS and had no interest in going into any field of medicine.
58. I have considered becoming a pharmacist or optometrist.
59. I really don't like needles. They don't really hurt, but just the thought and image of a sharp object piercing into flesh does not appeal to me.
60. If I was a flavor of ice cream, I think I'd really be Mint Chocolate. Not quite standard but still really mainstream. I think I'd wish to be Death by Triple Chocolate. It seems pretty passionate.
61. I was only supposed to have braces for a year and ended up having them my whole high school career.
62. I have itty-bitty wrists and ankles.
63. I think I have big feet for my height.
64. I've been complimented on my feet by multiple people on multiple occasions. I don't really understand it but it's kinda normal to me now.
65. I think the body part I'm most okay with are my calves.
66. I think my top favorite recent movies are Shrek, Finding Nemo, Up!, and Iron Man.
67. I don't like leading, I will step up to the plate if it seems no one else will, but that's only to get the momentum going. So I guess I'm more of a Vice President kind of person.
68. I would make a horrible boy.
69. I really like sweets.
70. I really like things that shine.
71. I think the little dip above your top lip is seriously for funneling snot from your nose into your mouth when you're sick. If not, it doesn't a really bad job at pretending otherwise.
72. I will never dye any part of my hair blond on purpose.
73. I love painting my nails funky colors.
74. People say that I'm really talented with crafts, I don't think I do any craft particularly well, but I like dabbling and trying!
75. I think I would make a horrible world traveler with my limited palette and poor physical stamina. I don't think you can really enjoy those adventures to the fullest under those circumstances.
76. I'm going to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity one of these days.
77. I think it would be so amazing and then heartbreaking to foster a baby wild animal.
78. I really don't like Dr. Phil and his way of thinking.
79. I think the color green can be so uplifting and revitalizing.
80. I have a fear of becoming a pill-popper.
81. I have a fear of causing a whole lot of death every time I get behind the wheel of a car. :(
82. I got my hair cut at a... hair-cutting place for the first time in my life this past year.
83. I'm really surprised my mom never cut the top of my ear off while giving me haircuts when I was little.
84. I've been to a little bit of Canada, Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C., California, Nevada (aka Las Vegas), Germany, and Viet Nam.
85. I want to go to a karaoke bar with great group of friends one of these days and make complete fools out of ourselves stone cold sober.
86. I'm a bit of a klutz but have yet to break any bones. *knocks on wood*
87. I have a habit of losing things. This is especially so for cell phones, id cards, jackets, and wallets.
88. I have a perpetual need to help and do things for others- partly to avoid facing my own problems.
89. I suffer from depression and it's something I work against every day.
90. I think most bird pets are pretty annoying, but that's probably because they're not very well trained or secure with changes in their environment (like with a stranger coming over).
91. I've always wondered what various animal poop has looked like, especially whales. I saw a video recently and it's not pretty.
92. I never really had much time to believe in Santa Claus or any other mythical holiday creature. By the end of the holiday, I was usually roped into helping play the part.
93. I can't wait to do a bunch of themed days/ parties and field trips with my own kids. I'm pretty sure I'll have way more fun than they will with it, but I hope they have some and appreciate and goofy and embarrassing memories down the road.
94. I like dressing up in costumes, but don't do it nearly often enough.
95. I'm a Leo, and aside from the attention-needy aspect, I don't think I do a very good job at it.
96. I don't read nearly as much as I should, but I love fantasy, comedy, mystery, and sci-fi.
97. I pretty much loathe orchids, but love lilies.
98. I think autumn is my favorite season, weather-wise. Event-wise I like winter and the holidays of people taking a step back to enjoy each other and life.
99. I was a part of the first group of girls to be alter servers at my church back in the day.
100. I'm Batman's mentor. The ninja-thing? He got that from me. :P But really, I'm pretty ridiculous and love that about myself.

Whew! I think I actually did it! And congratulations if you make it through all of that! I think that's more than enough outta me today, so good luck in the giveaway and see you tomorrow! <3


  1. Yay! I'm the first to comment! I think I would love a unique set of cards! I just love all your crafts, so that was a difficult choice for me. Of course, many choices are difficult for me. I do not like to make decisions, especially important ones.

    I loved your 100 things about yourself. It's been a long time since I've seen you, so some of these things I don't remember. However, I was looking back in my yearbook from third grade, the year I moved to Florida and I found your autograph in the back. It states, "Best Friends Forever! Vi Tran" and of course your phone number was in there. This made me smile. I know we aren't super close, but I am so glad that we have found our way back to being friends again!

    :) Til next time! I'll continue to enjoy your blog!


  2. You totally wore my bikini top to to beach with me ma'am! this is Laura and gull and you know my number :)

  3. LOL! A lot of those made me giggle! I hate Dr. Phil too, he's such a tool! By the by, you took Medical Skills with Mrs. Tae? EEEEEWWWW! She was so awful, LOL! :(

  4. omg Sign me up! It's not too late, is it?
    My favourite post is...all of them. I admire your ability to post every single day. I couldn't do it if my life depended on it (I certainly couldn't do it when my grade depended on it lolol)


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