Monday, June 21

111. Reference

We had a few mishaps today. The SO's brother's flight was delayed by about two hours, then we started going on what should have been really quick errands when we ran over a screw in a parking lot that flattened the tire by the time we got to to the other end. I went in and got some Jamba Juice while the boys put in the spare tire, then we headed on over to have the tire replaced. Thank goodness for those smoothies tiding us over! The Fates weren't being complete jerks to us today. We stopped by the new house and I found a big ol' roach dead in the toilet. :( That sucker was the size of my thumb! Actually, he was a bit wider than it. /shudder. Ugh. Lol.

Our kitty got a new, somewhat fancy cat pan. Well, fancy as in it's more than just the pan full of litter. Had a flap door and odor filter plus the SO picked up a special rubber mat that should scrap little extra pieces of litter gravel from their feet upon exit. Quite fancy. We're hoping that this will  keep the new place as clean and as nice as possible. Cat cousin just played in it and then couldn't figure out how to get out when there was a frosted plastic flap blocking the exit... /sigh. XD And our kitty is just... more reserved and cautious. He is still really unsure about the whole matter, even if he does understand what it's for. It was kind of hilarious watching the light bulb go off in their heads when they realized that the new toy/room/thing/invader was a new potty. They always get so worried when their regular one is taken away to be cleaned. Why is it that you always have to go the moment you really realize that there is no where to go? :P

Worked on more paper projects today and paused to make reference sheets for myself. I would post pictures except my camera is dead and for some reason, I cannot find my batter charger for it! :( I used my circle punch to make one big page of cardstock color samples and another page for my humble growing collection of stamps. I didn't do the best of jobs on either- and by best I mean all neat, tidy, perfect, and precise- but the images I needed are there and labeled so that I or anyone I want to show can use them for future reference. I even included samples of my wheel stamps. They actually came out the worst, but it's completely user error and not having the best ink quality. The quality of the stamps is completely not the issue. I can't wait to show you when I do get my camera up and working again though, they are incredibly cute. There's one called "Arachnophobia" that is a line of stylized spiders. It has such fine detail that shows up even with my poor stamping job.

I've signed up to attend an open house for the new Idea Book this weekend with a friend. I can't friggin' wait!!! I may have started to make a small list of things I'd like to get by the end of the summer... /guilty-shifty eyes >_>. At least I'm trying to be good and make them mostly basic tools such as un-inked cartridges for my stamp wheels and the handy stamp cleaning scrubbing folder. Mostly stuff you just get once and use the heck out of that may have some replacements parts. <_< Yeah... just keep justifying it to yourself... it'll all be fine... /comforts wallet in advanced. In all seriousness, I just make wish lists to get most of the initial desire out of my system. I know the new stuff will be available for at least a year so there's no rush to get it right when it comes out. It really is great stuff though. There have been many amazing previews of the new colors and some of the new stamp sets that will be released, but I know that it's only the tip of the iceberg. I cannot wait for this weekend! Well, actually I can because it just hit me today that I'm leaving to visit my folks next week. Oye. I want to get a significantly large amount done before that happens. I don't have to bring very much but the shirt on my back, but it is for a whole month and I don't want to leave any unfinished business. That would be no good at all. :(

Speaking of that, my friends can be such buttheads. I want to bring presents but none of them are being very helpful in choosing what to bring. Come on people! I've been away for almost a year and who knows the next time I'll be coming back next! Help me out here! Lol. At this rate, I'll just get stuff while I'm there when I'm with them. :P Such a tragedy, I know.

I'm ogling my two reference sheets and grinning. Really, they are nothing special but I guess I just get a kick out of little organizational ideas. I did have some videos of people's craft/ scrap rooms playing in the background today. I think my crafting obsession is pretty sick. I should craft about it. ROFL. Oh, I amuse myself way too easily.

Before I continue to dive off the deep end, I'll cut myself short and bid thee adieu until tomorrow! <3

--- Update ---

So Cute!

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