Sunday, July 25

145. Unpacking Heat

My new room is driving me bonkers. While I was gone, the SO decided to half surprise me by rearranging the furniture to now be mostly my stuff that has been stored in the garage since I moved in with his mom. I thought it was so incredibly sweet and really appreciated it. He left my bins in stacks so that I could figure out how I wanted them placed after my return. So, we spent the rest of Saturday completely re-doing the room. I like changing my rooms and furniture up a bit, ever since college. I guess I get bored or learn new ways of trying to simply my life. The latter part will forever be a work in progress, lol. It's not like I didn't like how he had put everything before! I just wanted to try something new-er. XD

Despite everything being in nice piles and more or less where it's going to be now, I go a little crazy just looking at it all. It seems that little to nothing is organized in any of my bins or drawers. So, while I'm taking care of all of my nasty paperwork during the day, I'll be sorting like a madwoman by night. Like some really awful superhero. I actually really like doing paperwork and am a huge fan of office supplies and what-nots (weird I know), but I don't like it when you're playing the whole hurry-up and wait game. No, not a fan at all. When most of the process is almost entirely out of my hands, that's when when we/ I have problems. Sigh. Just thinking about it makes my tummy hurt. :(

As insane as I drive myself when I'm organizing, I do enjoy the work because I know it'll be awesome when I'm done. My methods are... scary to see. Lol. I think I've mentioned that I usually dump everything I want to organize on the middle of the room, sort it all out into pretty specific piles, and then put it all away. It looks so horrible in the midst of the process, but it's usually pretty great once everything is said and done. Therefore... all incredulous comments about how much messier it looks when I'm cleaning can  be shoved back in their respective pie-holes. Lol. It works and it's more than you'll probably ever dare to do! :P

I started with my clothes today. I didn't have much room in the closet before I left and for a young lady, I really don't have nearly as many clothes as I've seen other girls have. Thanks to a couple of winter coats that weren't mine being removed, I actually have a little closet all to my self! Now, I have to rearrange all the work clothes my mom helped me get/ got for me (Hooray for not really having to do any of my own clothes shopping! It's better for all parties involved this way, lol) with my older stuff and redo what I have in my dresser... my bed is so dominated by clothes hangers and piles right now. At least it's all clean! I don't think I really like laundry. Maybe because it's one of the only chores I could never get out of growing up. Well, washing and putting dirty clothes into a hamper isn't too bad, it's the folding and putting away that takes forever for me.

Am I a nerd for planning on my own little Cricut cutting area? Yeah, yeah I am. Lol. I don't think I've poster my pic of my beloved machine and now I can't find it because my external hard drive is currently buried somewhere in this room, but here's an image from the Provocraft's Cricut site.
It's mat is 6" x 12" and I'm kinda jonesing for the big daddy Cricut Expression because I am a horrible person. Well, I always have craved it but didn't know where to find it for not $350. I know a good amount of places that do sell it for at least $100 off now. :P It has a cutting mat than can reach 12" x 24", /drool. My biggest complaint of having the size machine that I do is that if I'm using a 12" x 12" sheet of paper or cardstock, I have to chop it into at least half before using it. I think that may actually be my only complaint, lol. Anyways, it's going to get it's own little spot on my dresser next to where I'm going to keep all my crafting goodies. Oh man, is my crafting collection growing, lol. I have my pretty and organized bin of cardstock and 12" x 12" paper pads next to it and will be putting my big bin of origami and origami paper, bin of friendship bracelet supplies, and- once I figure how I want to organize them- bin of all my crafting tools next to that. That last bin should be holding all my stamping supplies, cutting tools, and miscellaneous supplies. Hopefully. Lol.

Oh! Did I let you know that I managed to steal back all of my polymer clay supplies from my storage at my folks house? I seriously thought the airport was going to freak out about me packing a pasta machine, clay, and poking tools in my luggage but they didn't! FMIL even had an old toaster oven that she was just about to donate that I'm going to be taking (yet again, into my room) to bake my clay in! I'm so excited about being to start that up again. I like making cute little figurines because... well, they're cute and tiny and have faces. What other reasons do I need?!

Here's an old picture I had to steal from my old Myspace of a bunch of figurines I made about two years back! They were my Xmas gifts for all. :D I had a blast trying to teach myself better methods to mass produce decent quality pieces. I can't wait to start again!

Ugh, it's so hot in the desert. XD Actually after that rainstorm I danced around it today has been wonderfully cool. However, running around while carrying loads of clothing generates quite a bit of heat. Dangit, I keep thinking about how I want to organize everything. I'll take pictures when I'll done with it, lol.

I'll also have a bin of semi-important papers and one for my various electronic cords and do-dads (because we can't forget that I'm an actual nerd too! Lol). Then I'm going to have drawers for my markers spot for my magazines and books, an area for my scrapbooks, and shelves full of who knows what. I'll try to keep the catch-all to a minimum but there's a slim chance of that ever happening. Ooh... I just realized I have yet to designated an area in my room for all my clay stuff... That pasta machine and toaster oven should probably just be left out in the open. Hm. Anymore of this and I'll end up making a book full of sketches to plan it all out, lol. Sigh, I'm such a dork.

It's going to be such a pain, I might snag a couple of pictures during my >_> creative chaos, but it's going to be great for me in the end! Hopefully, I'll be able to make time to craft like mad and not have to dig for all of my supplies.

That's all I'm going to rant about for now. I know it was more than you probably wanted to know about my thought process. XD See you tomorrow! <3


  1. Hi Vi! Glad you made it back safely! I have been absent from the blogging world for a while, but hopefully, I am back now! It seems that I could have wrote this post for you! I am constantly looking for new ways to get organized and typically that ends with a pile of stuff in the middle of my room while I sort through and make pretty little piles and then organize until my hearts content. Oh...and I also love, love, LOVE office supplies! Staples, Office Depot, Office Max...yes, they are three of my favorite stores. I can't get enough of office supplies and pens and pencils and staplers and I could go on and on. I definitely want to see pictures when you finish with your organizing adventure (so I can get ideas, of course!)

    I also love you clay figurines! I wish I was that talented to make cute little guys! I'm glad you can start that up again. One of my friends a while back made me a little dalmatian and a food bowl with her name, "Lexi", on it for Christmas. That was one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time because it was so personal.

    Happy Crafting! Can't wait to see all the projects you can produce in a well-organized environment! :)

  2. Oh! One more thing...that's the Cricut I have! I wish I used it more than I do. A friend of mine just got the amazing Cricut that I, too, have been drooling over for many months now. I can't wait to head up to Charlotte to play with her Cricut! She got hers at AC Moore at an awesome price! I forget how much she paid but she got a couple different bundles and wound up saving like $300 in all! It was a pretty awesome!

    Ok...I think that's it for now! :)

  3. I. WANT. PENGUINS! wtf?! that is so cute (ur clay things) i'm so jealous that ur so talented! i love you! <3


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