Monday, September 6

188. Labor Of Love

Hope you all have had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Thank you for all the hard work- many of you are definitely unsung heroes of everyday life.

Ignoring the sour and stressed mood that I've been in, here are some pictures of what's been going on:

We chopped up this pile of branches...

Into this pile of branch bits. I had way too much fun chomping the mesquite.

Look at those suckers! Each branch is covered in thorns.

My hand for size reference. There was some bleeding and many punctures involved. :(

But the mesquite now looks much less like a bush and more like a tree again! It shall be great BBQ or fire pit wood once it dries.

Just having a little fun by the palo verde tree that was also being trimmed. Spearing prickly pears! They are edible and are sometimes made into jams.

Look at this sweet and silky boy... 

... Look at him! So cute with his penguin blanket. He has found a new napping spot on his dad's dresser again.

These pictures were actually from yesterday, but my camera battery is dying so I wanted it to rest up and give me enough juice to load the pictures onto my laptop. We just wanted to help and had quite a bit of pent up aggression to misplace. :D Well, at least I did. I'm still on edge. I just don't play well with others nor handle being swamped well. :( I need to keep clearing my head and just looking at what I need to do in a manageable way. Cutting those branches was fun though, if I can do it with those clipper things, anyone can. We did make the mistake of getting on a roll during the hot part of the day. Tons of bugs were loving us. Ugh. Lol,  but every time I chomped down on a branch to make it more manageable to move/ toss out, I "RAWR!"ed. XD Yes, it was completely necessary. I was a carnivorous dinosaur chomping branches in half and spitting them out into a pile. 

We've been spoiled with a steak and then brisket dinner two nights in a row. The brisket was yesterday and my favorite of the two. No pics there since we weren't involved in their creation. More boxes from the move have been broken down and recycled, so it'll just take one more load before they're gone! Well, the ones that have been unpacked anyways. The new house is coming together. 

I also picked up the small habit of dual-boxing the past few days. Dual-boxing is term referring to playing two separate accounts on WoW. Of course, I was on the SO's computer because my computer can barely run one at a time. It was a little weird to get used to but I eventually got the hang of playing two characters at the same time. XD Am I a nerd or what?

There is a lot of backpedaling and catch-up I need to do with pretty much everything in my life now. Sigh, I should get back to it. 

Stay safe and have fun this weekend!

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