Sunday, September 19

201. Mixing It Up

Triskets + Cheese = Amazing Snack that may turn into a meal.

Rofl, my spell check just tried to suggest that Triscuits could be: Biscuits, Promiscuity, or Trisects/ Trisectors. Good game, gg

Can you tell that I've had a fulfilling day? Still working hard at keeping on with working. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir in saying that working is typically not all that fun. No, I am not a happy camper, but I'm camping and that's saying something. Lol.

I'm going to share something that's helped me get through the past couple of days without going on complete rampages: Music!

I've found a couple of new independent artists on YouTube that have made me really smile. So here is a little mix of some of my old and new favorites:

JRA covering Chris Brown's "Crawl":

- - - - -

Alex Goot covering Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream":

- - - - - -

Julia Sheer feat. Eppic & Tyler Ward covering Maroon 5's "Misery":

- - - - -

Jason Chen feat. Olivia Thai covering Ne-Yo's "Sexy Love" Again:

- - - - -

The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" (Not independent artists but beautiful song inspired by the poem, "The Lady of Shalott"):

 - - - - -

Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider covering The Band Perry's "If I Die Young":

- - - - -

Mike Tompkins covering Taio Cruz's "Dynamite":

- - - - -

Drew Chambers covering Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield":

- - - - -

AJ Rafael, Jenny Suk, & Reynald Silva doing a mash-up cover of Alicia Key's feat. Drake "Un-Thinkable" and B.O.B's feat. Paramore's Hayley Williams "Airplanes":

- - - - -

Eric & Marcus Stanley doing a piano and violin cover of "Amazing Grace":

- - - - -

What a pretty way to wrap up an interesting playlist, hm? One of these days, I need to sit to down and make playlists of some my favorite videos. I keep having to go back and forth to switch between them. Lol. Wow, that was a lot of music. Hope you have fun listening to it, I know I have.

See you tomorrow. <3

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