Thursday, September 30

212. Collecting Dust

The SO has been domestic for the past few days and took it upon himself to sweep all of the floors today. I feel like such a brat for not helping him out this time around but we both know it's because I don't feel well. The funniest part is that most of the debris is kitty fur on the tile. Little Man has been so fascinated by the process. We kept telling him that at this rate, we'd be able to build him a baby brother and/or sister. Bet he would looove that. :P He kept a close eye where ever his dad and his fur went, as if to say: Where are you taking me, Daddy? What am I doing over there? XD

I am on the hunt again for more recipes to try while wracking my brains for any recipes we've had that I need to get and from whom. Yes, it does kinda hurt. Lol. What I was most excited about today was stumbling upon an old family recipe book! It's from the SO's paternal grandmother by I think one of his aunts. If it's any indication of how old it is, I really believe it was typed up via typewriter. Okay, I know that doesn't mean it's ancient but come on! That's so cool. I took a quick peak through it and noticed a few recipes that I remember his family making since I've moved here.

It is a fascinating read that I believe there were multiple copies made of and includes little anecdotal notes about times that the recipes have been made or how it came into their lives. Actually, I had a lot of mixed feelings. Some how, I felt a bit of nostalgia reading those words and trying to imagine the memories, awe at how far these words have traveled, and a bit of... sadness knowing that I will probably never meet most of the people mentioned for one reason or another. I feel very honored to be able to include some of these recipes in my own book that I hope to share with many people once it's all said and done.

Honestly, I'm stoked! I can't wait to try a few of the old ones and grab pictures and seeing what the other recipes are all about. Maybe my new personal project can be working on learning how to cook and not so much crafting. It's a little bit more... productive? Well, I guess "instant gratification" is a better way to describe it.

Who knows. I shall definitely post pictures when they come about! I just had to write about that today because it's awesome, lol. See you tomorrow. <3

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