Saturday, September 18

200. Slogan

Well, this is my 200th day posting. I sounds like a really cool number, but it feels fairly anticlimactic. /shrug. Idk why.

I may not have been the best of company lately or the happiest of campers, but I'm getting stuff done. Steadily, I'm getting stuff done. Now, if I can just do it faster and sooner... :P Baby steps, right? I have temporarily adapted a motto of sorts: Just do.

Turn off the worrying or mental whining and just go. Even if it's all on autopilot. Tearing myself up has just resulted in being overwhelmed and tearing myself up further, so just cut it out for now. I'll allow it again in a little while and see if I actually can come up with a plan to solve it.

I'm still waiting for my passport to come in so I can sort my identity fiasco out. :( I was hoping it would be in already. It kinda makes me a sad panda but I'm just gonna keep going and take care of that when I can.

We cooked two meals today! A taco-billing bake thing for lunch and some sushi and salmon for dinner. It totally slipped my mind to take pictures until each were already divided and being delved into. Whoops. I loved the taco one and tried the swordfish sashimi and salmon. Not bad, but still not quite my cup of tea yet. That's a work in progress too but at least I'm giving it a try.

Bah, I want to do more than just survive or get by- I want to fight, live, and thrive. Well, thriving comes after, lol. I'll get there. We'll get there.

Lol to giving mini pep talks to myself in the midst of pondering.

At least I have a pint of Oreo cookies and cream ice cream. Mmm... it feeds my soul. Ow. And freezes my brain. {{>_<}}Hmph. Lol. I did have my discounted DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) paper come in the mail today. Single-sided, 12 x 12 patterned paper pack of over 100 sheets that was originally $19.99 and I'm grabbing myself one for about 5 bucks before it disappears. It's a summer release that's on it's way out. I also have the coordinating matstack. So pretty. Tropical yet soft colors that I feel are great all year around. I'm still determined to actually use up things that I take a liking to. You know, instead of hoarding it for a rainy day because I won't even use it then. XD I am in love with the sunburst mini album from Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail.

Oh! That reminds me. I finally caught one of her live UStream broadcasts last night. I still cannot believe that I missed last weeks because I lost track of time while trying to pass the time until the show started by watching older recordings of her show. Really now? Really? Such a fail. Lol. But I avidly watched and even participated in the chat while the household knew to leave me alone. Rofl, that's like the first time I think they've really done that. There were a few instances when they forgot and began to wander into the room to tell or show me something, but saw my headset on and remembered. I guess the SO warned them because I hadn't really mentioned it to anyone else, lol. How thoughtful, looking out for his family so I wouldn't kill them with my stares. J/K (just kidding). Lol, that's an oldie but goody abbreviation. Why is that word sooo long? Lol.

Anywho, I honestly thought last night's show was going to be a bit boring because she wasn't going to teach about one of her fabulous mini albums. It was a Bountiful Autumn Wreath project. Paper flowers on a store bought grape vine wreath. Let me tell you, absolutely stunning. Can I just say how much I adore this woman and her work?! All of the leaves and flowers were made from paper- a large sunflower for the centerpiece even included the seeds pokies in the middle. I don't have many punches, so I have to go through my Cricut cartridges and figure out what flowers would work best to try out her simple tips on my own. She even gave a preview or two of her latest released pattern, the Birdhouse mini. Go check it out on her Etsy shop! My newly fed soul cries a little because I totally wish I had the funds to spare to purchase one of the amazing kits that she puts together. My favorite of the two is the one that features the bright and fun colors of the Jubilee paper line. Ugh! So pretty. XD The papers from the Conservatory line/ kit are stunning as well. I'd feel bad chopping up those papers.

Okay, I need to stop freaking out before I have a conniption. :P See you tomorrow. <3

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