Tuesday, September 21

203. I'll Pass

Well, when I dragged myself to bed last night, I apparently conked out within 5 minutes. I woke up in the same position I feel asleep in too. My sore back proves it, lol. Wow, I haven't done that in a while. I think the average person takes about 7-15 minutes to fall asleep. I, on average, take between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to fall asleep if I'm lucky.

Today, I tried to unwind but didn't do anything personally enjoyable. Instead, I ended doing housework. Grown up life kinda sucks, lol. I couldn't bring myself to veg out to the TV or find a mind-numbing cutesy game to play online. So unlike me. XD So laundry and dishes are done and they weren't even all mine! That is another story.

The big thing that really seemed to stick out today was our poor kitty. He was very in-your-face and affectionate today and we couldn't figure out why. He had food, fresh water, and access to his potty. Then he proceeded to start spitting up all around the house! :( The poor thing! We have never seen him do that before. Hairballs are once in a  blue moon and once he starts to cough it up, it comes out or it doesn't and we all move on. But today, over the course of maybe half an hour we took turns following him around to make sure he only got sick on the tile. Sorry if this is grossing you out. I guess he had been nauseous for a while because his stomach was empty. He'd spit up a little in one spot and move away a couple of feet and get sick again. Finally there was one big pile that looked like it had parts of a bug. That's what we thought he might have done and were poised to take him to an emergency vet.

So, after a little more comforting, he went off in search of household plants to munch on to settle his tummy. We don't have many available to him anymore, unfortunately. He seems to be all better now, maybe a little under the weather, but that is totally understandable. Our poor boy.

That's two days in a row that I've had to deal with spit up. It's like my childhood all over again, lol. I really miss those days of our family babysitting nearly everyday. Having my own family some day is going to be interesting. Lol.

Mmk, I've off to bed. See you tomorrow!

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