Monday, September 13

195. Just One More

I finally have the pictures I've been promising uploaded but I do not have a video filmed, let alone uploaded, of my paper bag mini album. Sadness. I've been trying to calm down and that's still a work in progress.

Let's see, where should I start?

Today seemed to start off better than yesterday. I got two packages in the mail and had no idea which of the items I've been expecting was going to show up. One were these cute little things that I "bought" with a gift certificate from a lovely Etsy shop:

Yes, those are totally Xbox 360 controller earrings. Handmade from polymer clay and clear sealed. So adorable and geeky. I'll be so proud to wear them! Probably sometime this weekend. ^_^

This is a little gift of sorts from my family. We were due for upgrades for a little while now, so I was able to get one. It's pretty nice timing seeing as how my other phone has started to drop calls often and decided it's own alarm times. This is my first "modern" phone. So, it's my first with touch screens, applications, truer web access, and QWERTY keyboard. I'm intrigued, not terribly impressed, but grateful for a hopefully better working phone.

I did, however, spend most of today trying to properly set up my contacts list in it. I do keep a hard copy backup of all my phone numbers, but they were really pushing me to use their phone list feature that is tied to my account online. I played their game, came close to bursting a blood vessel, finished updating the online list that was a few years old, and then found out a way to weasel into using my SIM card's saved list. Lovely. Oh, and I also was ready to argue with the online representative I chatted with earlier because their website isn't compatible with Mozilla Firefox. Bah.

It's a good thing that I'm multi-textrious. Yes, I just totally made up a term. I'm not winning any competitions, but I can very fluent in a variety of button formats for texting. :P

Here are the pictures about pizza from that night too!

Mushrooms, green onions, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, and green bell peppers. Oh yeah, and two different kinds of cheese. :D

The beautiful sunset from that night. At one point, I played around with the sunset/ sunrise feature on my camera. I think I like it. : )

Just a warning, the next part is about Toto the Tarantula. So, unless you agree that they are "the teddy bear of the arachnid world" and are just plain creepy crawly... you can scroll really fast. Lol.

So fuzzy!! You can see his bald spot where he's shot off his irritating hairs. He's near the front leg on the left in the chair picture just for scale. The biggest one we've seen this season.

This is the chicken bake that FMIL made today. We got the recipe from a friend and it is sooo good. All wrapped in a buttery and flaky crescent roll crust. Mmm. This weekend we may try it's sibling version with taco filling! /giddy dance.

I... really don't feel like thinking about much more today. /frown. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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