Tuesday, September 14

196. Sink & Swim

Misery does love company. It's one of the absolute truths I know in life. Maybe the company cheers you up or just sulks with you so you don't go at it alone, it doesn't really matter.

I've had two great people help keep me afloat in this rut that I'm in nowadays. We're just a bucketful of "/ , but that's okay sometimes.

I highlight of my day was the SO seeking out an old mini SD card so I could figure out how to upload music and photos to my new phone. The device is not a complete fail! Hooray!

It has no games and almost every little feature/ button leads you to some mobile web page. The family got a free trial month, but once that's done it's done. We don't have the time or money to throw around for something so unnecessary. I really believe that if you want something portable that does that much, get a laptop. A cellphone is a phone and it's going to be a while until it runs like an all-out computer. Anything available to the public now just tries really hard. And I also believe that if you want something to run like a real computer, get a computer. Which is something I'm working on, lol. /pats laptop. Sorry, I know you try hard, but you are no desktop. :P

I don't like paying money for wallpapers or ring tones and such, so I was trying to make do with what I could figure out now. Those auto-connect to the web buttons are going to really get on my nerves down the road.

Now, my phone can be a portable party. :D I'm kinda happy about that. Lol.

Treading water in a churning sea is pretty draining. >_<
See you tomorrow. <3

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