Sunday, September 26

208. One Step Closer

Today I crossed off an item that I wasn't even aware was on my so-called bucket list.

I ate a meat muffin.

Oh yes. It was as good as it sounds. :P Today's family lunch-dinner aka Linner was at FMIL's house. She altered a recipe for these appetizers by using regular sized tins and crescent roll dough with either Alaskan salmon with mozzarella cheese or ham with mustard and cheddar fillings. I may have scarfed mine while trying to overlook all sorts of crazy conversation that was going on around me. XD At least, that's what I claimed to be doing, I was just really enjoying the fact that I was ingesting a friggin' meat muffin!!

Rofl, it's the joys of the little things that greatly help me from going off the deep end. Or maybe I just roll around in them to make the insanity a bit more comfortable. Who knows? Lol.

I am so geared up to start compiling everything I need to start my recipe scrapbook.

P.S. Seriously though, I'm still knee-deep in trying to figure out what to do in terms of affording life. It's really pretty sucky. Oh well, I really do have great friends and family that genuinely care about me and that makes me feel very rich. I love you all! :D

See you tomorrow. <3

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