Saturday, September 11

193. Promises, Promises

I'd like to take a moment's pause in honor of what happened nine years ago today. Time almost seems to have flow while I know for some that it drags on.

I was sitting in my health class in the HS freshman annex writing a letter to my future self complaining about how cold the A/C was. I found out from other students at lunch while everything was still being figured out. RIP and thank you for your brave deeds and sacrifices surrounding those fateful days. ♥

- - - - -

Today's post would have been a bit more visually interesting if I had remembered to bring along my cord that helps me upload my camera's pictures onto the computer. Alas, this was not to be.

If those pictures were posted, you would get to see pictures of a wonderful sunset and reverse sunset, the homemade pizza we had for dinner tonight, and Toto the Tarantula!

The pizza looked really good and tasted good too, for that matter. There was one with everything on it and another that was split so it had a non-veggies section, a non-mushroom section, and the rest had everything on it again. Lol. While we waited for it to... bake?, we were treated with one of the prettiest sunsets that we've had in a while. That's one of the cool thing about actually having clouds this year- that there are more reverse sunsets. And the SO and company have been finding wolf spiders and tarantulas almost every other day.

Well, we think Wolfie's coming back again and again. Maybe it's the backyard lights that we had installed attracting all of the yummy bugs. There have different tarantulas being found (we're only able to tell because of the differences in sizes). They are right, those guys are pretty passive. No charging or chasing after us, but at one point, he did mean business. Toto (the SO and I named him :D) had his butt way up in there air and already had a bald patch where he has recent shot off his spiky hairs.

I still have yet to shoot the video/ pictures of the finished mini-album. I may have a new obsession in learning and figuring out those things. I keep watching/ playing the videos in the background constantly. Keeps my brain juices going. That almost sounds kinda gross. :P

Sigh, I'll just see you tomorrow. <3

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