Wednesday, September 22

204. So Old School

After a few interesting conversations with old friends on the game, I was introduced to a live-action television rendition of Sailor Moon! I'm sure I just lost half of you. It's a Japanese cartoon aka anime that I used to love since elementary school. It's been around since 1991-1992 in one form or another. The show I'm oogling right now ran from 2003-2004. Got to love the internet!

I once dressed up, thanks to my mom, as Sailor Jupiter for Halloween and such. It was so great. I hope to do it again some day. Lol, keep in mind that I was already in middle school when I did it. Lol, I dressed up into high school too. I would do it now if I had the time too. :D I think she's my favorite just because she was pretty much the complete opposite of who I actually am and just what I wanted to be. XD Go figure.

If you want to join me in geeking out, search for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Act 1. :D

See you tomorrow! <3

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