Friday, September 10

192. Remodeling

Well, if you're reading my blog from a reader, then you have no idea what I'm talking about. :D Head on over to the actual page to see what I've been up to earlier this afternoon. I don't know how crazy I am about the new background, but I figured it's a bit closer to what I ideally wanted as opposed to the original layout. Bah. It's a good thing I save coding, lol. My biggest gripe with this new look is the proportion of the background image to the font of my entries. I want you to see more of the cute background that I found, but still want you to be able to read my web log because that's what it's there for. XD

I also rearranged a couple of widget-thingers, it's something that I always do when I'm in charge of websites and forums. It's just like with writing a story or my albums too. ... Or any organizational system I have... (LOL, oh dear), every time you go back to look at it, you always keep fixing it up and changing it around. I think I did pretty well with holding off here! XD Think about it as a midlife crisis since it's since been 6 months out of my year long project. I've finally started to give some serious thought as to what I'm going to do after a year. I know I still want to keep writing, but I have no idea where I'm going to be then to figure out the frequency. Oh well.

Nothing has changed content-wise, well, you know, aside from this new entry. :P I removed the Labels aka Subject Matter section from the side bar and used the fairly new Pages feature from Blogger. So, up above *virtually points upwards* is a bigger Navigation bar now. For at least... a month (Honestly, I have no idea how long ago I tried it out but I could probably go through my blog archives and realize which day when I was super frustrated with technology that I created it, lol), I've had a separate page for Tutorials but it only had the one origami butterfly tutorial. That was part of my motivation to make another tutorial for my 6 month anniversary. Well, now there's more than one tute up and can be found there, my FAQ has it's own section for now- I still don't know how I feel about that because I have no idea if anyone actually finds it useful/ helpful yet, and the Subject Matter section.

I have to say, that that last one was a bit of a pain. No matter how times times I look at the tutorials on how to isolated the widgets that Blogger offers onto one of the Pages, I cannot get the coding to work for me. Ugh, just thinking about it now and I'm growing frustrated at the memories of my futile attempts. Where was I again? I am just all over the place today. Sigh, yes, more than usual. Lol. Okay, I ended up typing out alphabetically every label that I've used thus far and adding the search link for each one. Then organized them into sections and organized the sections. Is this any more indication to what the state of my mind usually is? Scary, isn't it. I agree, I don't walk around in there without a flashlight either. :P I tried to copy and paste the widget info and it kind of worked. Well, the links did, but it also took the habit of what's built into my blog's original coding with shrinking the font of the list of links as it goes on. That equals microscopic links. I like tiny, but I also like being able to see.

Lol, anywho. It's done, it'll be fairly easy to add new labels, I don't have to mess with the old labels anymore, and I got to organize them to make them slightly more sensible for you all. I really wanted to use the word "sensicle/sensical" but neither are actual words. Nonsensical is though? Sigh, lol. Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to poke around.

And I know my archival list is getting a bit big, but I haven't been able to find a better way of displaying it that I was satisfied with it. /frown.

By the way, now is a great time to get anything crafty that is related to summer. I believe the stores are really trying to diminish their inventories of it because a lot of the autumn and winter holiday stuff needs to be out and about now. From what I've started to see already, this is some of the cutest stuff I have seen yet! Ugh, I wish I could stock up on it all, but alas, that stuff adds up fast! Lol. /sob.

Alright, I need to tear myself away and knock myself out. See you tomorrow! <3

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