Tuesday, September 28

210. Recipe For Disaster

Kitty cat is currently being a little quirky by sniffing and digging at my pile of recipes that are spread out on the ground below me. Apparently, he really wants me to make some brownie cheesecake. Lol, or is pretending that there's something he needs to see underneath the scrapbook. Oh wait, no! He just stole my clip-on multi-colored mini pen! And he's tossing it around. What on earth... XD

Well, he is currently either taking a break or feels that he has thoroughly killed it by laying on top of everything possible. I really love pets. They are so weird. Lol.

Um... where was I? We got to run a few errands today and I was able to find a solution about affording my new textbooks. : ) Thanks for your help and support everyone. I really do appreciate you guys having my back even from a million miles away. Or like 2000 miles. Same difference. :P

I've started working on the recipe book. :D Hooray! At one point, I thought I might use up a pack of index cards trying to get one darn recipe written up properly. I still don't know if I like it, but it's done and I shall deal with it. I'm still trying to figure out the layouts of pages too. I'm not completely happy with it either. Things just don't seem to fit together quite right. I really do not want to change the size of the 8x8" album though... a 12x12" feels like a bit much! I was really hoping that some of the shorter recipes would fit on just a single page, but that does seem to be happening.

Merrr. I'll keep trying different things in terms of layouts and how to write up the recipes. /eye twitch.

: ) I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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