Monday, September 20

202. Planting The Seed

I'm a tad discouraged today after teaching lessons that I developed and prepped on my own today. It was continuing on a plant theme and involved matching, coloring, sorting, and making patterns. To me, it was a big bucket o' fail. Sigh. It's very possible that the kids were just really rambunctious today, but I really think it could have gone better/ smoother/ period. Haven't felt like such a fish out of water with these kids in a while. Definitely had that feeling today. /frown.

We're having a somewhat-surprise visit from the SO's side of the family. It's been nice finally meeting more than immediate and hanging out. Tonight, we went to a local Mexican food restaurant for one of the school's fundraisers. Pretty good stuff, fun times with fun people, but I am definitely paying for it right now with really big heart burn. And no good milk or anti-acids around. D: It's quite tragic, lol.

I did end up looking up some previews for the upcoming expansion of our game. The Beta testing is in full swing so of course tons of video snippets and images are being recorded and released. It's fun times. I'm impressed by some things and pretty let down by others. The disappointments aren't a complete shock, I've known about most of them one way or another for a few months now, but there is just something about seeing it in digital action that makes it sink in and hit home. "/ Bah!

Lol, how many ways can I frown in internet speak?

I get to try teaching again with more activities that I've come up with this Friday. That should be fun too. I believe that it's a longer period of time and with the entire class all at once. >_< If I was currently wearing boots, I might be quaking in them right now.

I just realized I should have taken pictures with the visiting family and their sweet doggie. Crap. We won't really see them before they head out tomorrow too. What a barge-full of fail. Ugh.

Alright, I need to go bash my head against a wall now. See you tomorrow. <3

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