Monday, September 27

209. Compare & Contrast

It's really quite sweet when the SO gets all worked up about motors and stuff. Most guys do, eh? :P He's worked with and driven many so I can appreciate all the little nuances that he's picked up and likes to point out that aren't necessarily general knowledge vehicle-wise.

The only downside is, that these things usually come up when I'm falling over from exhaustion. So I'm usually draped over the couch, propping my head with cushions, and trying my best to stare at him with at least one eye open as he's giving all sorts of similes, metaphors, and demonstrations via YouTube videos, pictures online, his hands, or random household objects. I really do want to understand how that stuff all works because I do find it a bit fascinating and the results of all the machinery and craftsmanship to be pretty darn sexy or at least quite impressive at times, I just can't gather enough brain power to remember my age at that point.

We've been watching a few episodes of "Man Woman Wild" on the Discovery Channel and asking each other "Would you rather?" kinds of questions and/or "Do you think you could do that?" with the stuff the people go through on these survival shows. We've also watched "Top Gear" on the Speed network. Man, we love British humor! It's just so great. Just as goofy as we are but in a slightly more dignified manner. On the last episode of one season, one of the three host was supposed to drive an older vehicle that was built to only have three wheels. The single wheel was actually in the front and even pulling out of the parking lot, he tipped the thing right over. I almost cried laughing. He flipped it over about half a dozen more times and only made it half way through his challenge of 14 km before driving it clear into a canal. I'm sure he was just stick of driving the tiny little flimsy thing. At one point, he even threw it sideways in the middle of a cricket game. Just so hilarious.

I decided on some papers for my recipe book today. :D I also started new classes and am trying to figure out ways to afford the texts. Good fun. Sigh. Lol.

See you tomorrow. <3

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