Friday, September 24

206. Traditional Furniture

Title sounds pretty darn boring, right? I would be the type to rant for an hour about some musky-smelling dusty-old store full of sectionals and creaky beds. However, that's not what this is about today.

The class went unexpectedly smooth as did my lesson. So much so, some of the kids got to play outside on top of getting Music time in. The actual center for singing songs about colors is unfortunately often skipped due to time constraints. Once the pictures are all hung up, I'll be sure to snag a photo of the kids' creations. I really liked how they all turned out.

I don't know how it happens but I manage to get little to no sleep every time I've gone into class lately. I thought I was going to just drop. It's almost as if I've started a horrible tradition.

The kids were friggin' great today. Always good to keep you on your toes, remember what's important, and make you laugh. One of the best moments I can remember is sitting between two girls to make sure hands were kept to themselves. Instead, one gal and the boy next her to her were the ones I should have been sitting between. So, I scooted over and used my bent leg as a barrier of sorts. Well, the girl I scooted away from actually got jealous! She got up, nearly barreled over the second girl to insert herself into the non-existent seat where I had put my leg, but was stopped as she tried to plant her bottom on top of the other kids by the teachers. XD They had only seen her get out of her seat and told her to sit back down on her carpet square. She hesitated for a split second, whirled around to grab her carpet, lunged for me, slapped the square on my lap, and plopped down hard- All in one fell swoop. She was so satisfied that she won on every level. I cried laughing so hard. I officially became an upholstered Laz-E-Boy. XD

Good times, good times. And my first classes towards my certification are wrapping up this weekend. I start new ones Monday. :D ... Actually, I want a breather, like a week or something. T_T

Bah, I need to drag my carpeted butt to bed. See you tomorrow. <3

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