Wednesday, September 29

211. Destruction Eminent

Well, looking up 8x8 layouts for my recipe scrapbook has been... unfruitful. And frustrating, lol. I've been feeling pretty under the weather today and decided to take it easy. I don't have any of the pictures that I want in the book taken yet so tragedy of tragedies, I'll have to make each of these recipes in order to get a suitable photo for my tome. :P It seems that even though the internet claims that the size is great for making this type of album, All I'm seeing are 4x6 recipe cards, 8.5x11 pages in binders, or typed recipes on printed backgrounds. That's... just not good enough for me. I'm already making a compromise by using paper from my random paper packs as opposed to buying some kitschy kitchen kit. Come on now! Sigh, lol.

Either way I've chronicled two recipes, one that will probably be one of the biggest recipes I'll ever have, so that's a good thing that I was able to make it fit.

Bah. I need a haircut/ trim. It's kind of ridiculous that my hair has gotten so thick again since my trip home in July, that I can't use a hair tie for more than two weeks without annihilating it beyond repair. And of course, I'm thin around the top. Thanks, genetics. Anyways, lol.

Burger King has had pretty lame commercials for the past few years. I absolutely loathe that-that-royal monster. UGH! And now they have that song? It's a million times better than that abomination, but it's still pretty sucky, imo. Oh, and Snickers? That creepy lady costume that the kids are in reminds me way too much of the BK creepy dude. No. Just no. Stop it. Stop it right now and kill it with fire. Now, I have to boycott you too until you straighten yourselves out. Creeps.

Lol, I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'm all for psychological advertising subliminal messages, but that is just too far. You might as well be trying to give my non-existent kids treats from an unmarked windowless creepy white van. Leave us alone!

Where was I? ... Um.

I might be taking a few field trips this week. One may be to a shooting range to finally learn how to use a gun other than a blunt object or paper weight while the other may be upstate to help move furniture. I kind of want to do both. I hope I feel better asap.

Lol, the SO got a little mischievous earlier and loosely wrapped one of kitty's string on a stick to the ceiling fan to see if kitty would chase after it. Yeah... that was as good of an idea as it sounds... XD It spun around like a nearly invisible death trap. Okay, not that scary, but the SO and I were definitely ducking and shielding ourselves while kitty completely ignored it whirling around the living room.

Ooh, I hear coyotes. They have younger pups with them. Hm, must have gotten a kill. Well, good for them. : ) I think I need to get some more rest. See you tomorrow! <3

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