Friday, September 17

199. Being Bad

So, It was really difficult for me not to mentioned it yesterday, but I kind of did something pretty bad. I'll give you a hint of what's to come:

Yeah... one of my subscriptions on YouTube finally featured a video of her painting her Cricut Expression using the same spray paint I have but in a vivid purple. It's like the second true video on there about painting it that I've found. There may only be about half a dozen Expressions I've seen there that have been altered in appearance. So... it was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back since I've been very much on the fence again about doing it.

I figured that maybe if I just started to tape it off, I could at least mull about it a little more and see how nervous or excited I got. Well, once I taped it all off... I decided I was so excited that I got the first layer of paint on right after I finished. Sigh. It doesn't seem as if I have any self-control anymore!

Here is the damage with the FMIL's new Cricut for comparison:

I think the original accent is a pretty mint/ teal shade. With the paint I have, it may still work.

That whole in the bottom was the scariest to tape off! :(

I may have gotten a little paranoid with my taping off...

Bam! Lol, one thing I was supposed to take away from the videos was to tape off the inside, unlike them.

There is so much tape overlapping. It better work!

Isn't that such a lovely bright blue? I get a little worried that I can't see the similarly blue painter's tape. Lol. 

Maybe one of these days I'll actually start something like this during the daytime when I can see what I'm doing without having to try to hold a tiny flashlight with my knees or using my face. Lol. Plus, I can see what spots I'm barely getting and which spots I'm about to drown before it's too late. Lol.

We'll see what happens. See you tomorrow. <3

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