Thursday, September 16

198. Breaking It Down

Well, almost. I really hope I don't break anything else this week. Earlier, the SO and I mauled an old cellphone of his. I think it was a Motorola Crazor. So not ancient but, for some kids these days, it was eons old. :P

Um... I'm not sure what else to say. Lol, here you go!

Ripped the front cover and its bracket thing off.

The inside of the top half. :D

The inside of the back of the top half. XD

Oh no, we broke this part off to pry off a metal frame.

This is the... microphone, I believe. 

The key pad skin! I ended up keeping this part.

It just plugs in! Kept this too.

Do you kind of recognize it?

... I forget what this is. I think some circuitry that was broken off?

 Circuits and such look so cool! Try to ignore my grubby hands which are only there for scale.

The working part of the keypad. Loved peeling it apart.

This smaller screen just plugs in too!

What the screens plug into.

It was a lot of fun breaking it and taking it apart. Well, more taking it apart. We tried to annihilate as little as possible, lol. I think the SO was more amused by the fact that I've never taken something that 'technological' apart before. I was beyond fascinated. Almost enough for me to go off and learn more about how everything works. Then, I remembered that I've already tried to do that and failed miserably because it just wouldn't click/ stick in my brain. Much like whenever I try to learn about vehicles and cars... I try and I kind of understand how it works when it's being explained to me... and then yeah. That's it. Lol. 

I saved some parts, mostly the screens and the keypad skin that I was hoping to re-purpose/  up-cycle at a later date. What a cute accessory on a scrapbook page, right? Lol, I can feel the SO sighing, where ever he is right now. I also learned that silicone is toxic. Yeah, there was quite a bit of hand-washing involved. I thought the super-clean assembly rooms for circuits was to avoid debris screwing up all the tiny stuff, but the SO brought up the whole point about women dying after their breast implants explode. Touché. I like how he challenges my brain and we know random bits of info about completely different things. I think I'm more surprised when we know the same stuff. It sinks in for a moment before we take the subject to another level. 

I'm a little fried today from lack of sleep due to massacring ants again and a long day at school trying to developing a few activities/ lesson plans. Yeah, I've pretty much been out of it all day regardless of all the caffeine I tried to pump into myself. Mmm... we had breakfast at McDonalds today. I like grabbing a McGriddle because they're weird. :D It's one of the few good reasons to get up before 10am everyday. Or stay up until 4am. :P Either way, lol. 

Um... what? Oh. Ha ha, I lost what ever train of thought I had. Well, I'm satisfied with what I came up with. I hope the kids like it too. I really want to just keep in mind how good it feels brainstorming up lessons and activities for the students and add that to the motivation I desperately need now. 

Mmm... I want a hashbrown... alright, I have to go before I get myself into trouble somehow. Ha ha! 

See you tomorrow. <3

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