Monday, November 1

244. Propositioned

Do you ever get the urge to vote just so the trash-talking advertising would stop?

We are kind of sick of seeing them and how down low it has gotten nowadays. We can barely understand anything that each of the candidates feel on any of the issues based on these endless clips and out of context quotes. If they are aimed at getting us to look at websites and articles then congrats it works. However, chances are, most people won't go through the trouble. This is regardless of how much trouble it may cause down the road. A very flawed system and tradition indeed.

I think that's the nicest I can be about the whole deal.

In lighter news, the SO asked if I was game to go out for breakfast food tomorrow and my nearly instant replay was: "OmgyesIloveyou!" I totally did not mean for it to come out as enthusiastically as it did, but I guess I'm really easy like that. Rofl. I even followed that up with a "Now if only I would accept a marriage proposal that energetically." XD It's only as funny as it is because it was a completely honest exchange and the SO said he wasn't surprised at all by any of it. Ah, I'm such a dork. Ignore the faint squealing you may hear, I'm just so excited about tomorrow.

To completely switch gears, as time goes on and the world keeps spinning, I realize how intense life can really be for everyone. It is still so stunning to see some people having the best time of their lives while others are going through the hardest situations anyone could have to go through in a lifetime at the very same moment. I know some people are have had a great time this past weekend, especially due to the festivities while I know people who are getting surgery and procedures to remove cancerous tissues and cells or mourning the recent loss of loved ones. The thing about heartbreak is relating it to muscles that must break before they rebuild stronger than ever. It is quite the whirlwind trying to take it all in and yet continue about our business. Normalcy is not just overrated but underrated and still is so frustrating. Is this really the pace that we build up to and spend the rest of our lives at? There is definitely something more for everyone than just getting by, whether it be here on Earth or elsewhere.

That's all I can think to say now and I'll see you tomorrow. <3 Keep hanging in there while striving to go beyond.

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