Sunday, November 7

250. This Time

The fun thing about the time changing today? We don't have to. :P I didn't have to worry about it or become confused when my laptop and cellphone had a different time than the microwaves and alarm clocks. I didn't gain an hour of sleep right now only to lose it again in the spring. One of the perks of living here.

I do, however, feel quite grimy right now. Once I was finally up and about, we did some yard work. With how I was feeling last night, I didn't have the best nights sleep, and didn't have a great awakening. So, we took it out on the front yard. More of those wicked thorny mesquite branches were chopped away and put on the curb for bulky trash pickup on this side of town. I didn't get as cut or scratched up this time because I left the boys doing that part and tackled softer and ground-covering plants. Some of my fingertips are bruised, making it kind of hard to type lol, because I was digging with one glove in the hard ground/ "dirt" to do my best to rip up as many roots of certain unsightly and unruly plants. I'm covered in dust, dirt, and who knows what else. Saw a couple of wicked looking spiders but was thankfully not bit by anything today either. Digging up tubers and rocks with your fingers isn't very pleasant. Ha ha. The SO would pause and laugh at me because once i finally pulled a root clump free, I'd almost fall back on my butt. Each and every time. Hey, I took that into account! I didn't accidentally butt plant once this time!

I even got to catch up with my baby brother for a little bit too. It's been a few weeks while we each tried to take care of our business. It's so weird to think of him in college now and I keep chucking advice and tips for him so that he doesn't miss out or make the mistakes that I did. I hope he gets the most experiences out of this time in his life. : )

The boys even put together a... "Outdoor Backyard Heater." ... What? Lol. I've never seen one before but it's powered by propane, looks almost like a pot belly stove, and has a gong-like hood/ hat at the top of the pipe to disperse some heat downward. Next time we actually use it, I'll snag a pic. We're all kind of sore now after ordering in some pizza and pasta. I tried to make some garlic bread and put it in for a little too long because I feel they were too crunchy. After a hard day's work, chewing and biting down hard on bread is not at all appealing.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I guess it could be because I still have a lot on my mind or at least am focused on feeling it all bubble and seethe beneath the surface. Bah, I need to stop using my index fingers. See you tomorrow! <3

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