Friday, November 5

248. We're Back

We ate at the restaurant that one of the SO's brothers work at. It's been a while, we get a family discount, and it's a yummy steak place. Mmm... I love how we always have leftovers and nowadays it's about half of what we ordered goes home with us. Granted they are typically annihilated by the end of the next day, but still.

The SO also beat the Wii's Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game. We got so close after yesterday but saved the finale for when we were all awake enough to watch. Not bad. He was right in saying that this version wasn't revolutionary, just another solid Zelda game with a wolf-y and Wii twist.

Teehee, the SO let me cut some his hair and help "re-appropriate his facial hair 'locationale'."  Lol. He's trying out new styles/ designs/ whatnots and I kept watching so he let me have a go at it despite my giggling. For the record, he still has a face and does not have a Mohawk. We did ask if we could give kitty cousin one too, but it didn't fly. XD Maybe next time. :P

We're even both getting back into the swing of things in the game and that's just making the reopening of the guild that much closer/ real. I'm going back and doing some "original"/ classic/ vanilla content before it may possibly be gone forever from the game. They've normally never removed anything from the game, just altered it or let it be. However, with the upcoming expansion and how they are revisiting the original real estate, they seemed to have rebuilt it from the ground up, giving Blizzard a chance to get rid of outdated areas and materials since they were delving into it anyways. It kind of makes me sad, but I'm trying to be excited about it too. Stuff I was okay with missing out on before, I'm suddenly in a mild panic about getting done. Lol. I enjoy relating this nerdy stuff to real life. It's not that far off. Just prettier. And more forgiving. Ha ha.

I got a little more Xmas shopping done today. Gah. It's been so hard to not include gifts for myself for right now. I'm trying to behave. Sigh...

Tomorrow could be kind of interesting or really ordinary. We'll see! See you then.

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