Saturday, November 20

263. Crisp & Covered

I have been told that this is a sign that I'm having fun.


I hands are covered in five different colors of ink. I am just not very good at this, lol. I'm actually not stamping at the moment, but just inking up stuff I've cut out. I'm trying makeshift sponges, the pads themselves, and everything I can think of to use that we currently have on hand. I'm trying to make some seasonal decor to brighten the mood and keep myself feeling somewhat purposeful. I hope it doesn't go completely down south.

The cats are almost coexisting? Sigh. I'm doing a poor job, and it gets worse the more tired I am- which is usually when their claws tend to come out, of determining when I should just let them duke it out or when I should intervene. I know they can get over little scratches, fur flying, and the truckloads of trash talk/ hissing. The only thing we're really worried about is if they truly end up hating each other or someone gets the other really bad in the eye. Almost like with kids, there are just some times that you don't want to play referee, be collateral damage, or deal with the yowling and things between knocked over or torn through. Preventative parenting? Ha ha.

They both did something super quirky and cute today though. I woke up our cat this morning and he's always extremely affectionate when he's groggy. He's taken to sleeping on his blanket on the dresser next to his pet grass that he has annihilated. I need to grab a picture of it. It's in a bad way. XD So he's headbutting me full force and marking the cup, even going further by rubbing on the grass itself and licking it! Suddenly, he's sitting up next to it, smashes his whole face down the middle of it all, and nuzzles the bejeezus out of it. Rofl.

Two thoughts ran through my mind then: 1. Bahahahahaha! You're so ridiculous and cute! & 2. Wow. Gee thanks, kitty. Now, I know that I almost rank up there with your pet grass. Ha ha!

The cat cousin started a few habit today of laying down on this clown fish stuffed animal cushion that FMIL brought home from school to repair. We've tucked it out of the way under the sewing table and she caught him napping there this morning. I snapped a picture with my phone, sent it to his dad, and said that he had found Nemo! Lol, oh heaven forbid he ever figured out how to get fish. It's already bad enough when he tries to drink water from the faucet.

Hm, I just looked at the project I'm working on and they actually don't look half bad coloring-wise in dim lighting. Lol, that sounds kind of bad but I really do like the effect I'm seeing right now. It's a shame that it's not possible to have that lighting around where I plan to use them. Oh, if we could only have flattering light everywhere we go. XD

I'm getting a bit too silly for my own good. See you tomorrow! <3

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