Tuesday, November 9

252. Copy & Paste

I'm tired, I'm a bit cranky, and I don't want to write all that much today.

With the long holiday weekend coming up, we're trying to make some plans to help out one another but I think we're just going to end up doing our own things like we do everyday. :( There's a pretty big Cricut sale going on at one of the websites that I've been checking out and it was a tad frustrating but pretty amusing at how it could not handle the traffic the advertising generated. Well, the amusing part was watching how angry or freaked out some people were getting over on the Facebook fanpage. I suppose I'm a little sadistic in that manner. It's not that big a deal to get some deal on a few cartridges. I may have caved a little and snagged some that I've been eyeballing for a little while now. :D I can't wait to show you.

Things seem to be actually coming together after nearly a year on a subtle hiatus in our gaming world. That makes me happy because it feels as if another piece of my life is falling back into place and becoming normal again. It sounds a tad pathetic at first but no more than any other hobby. ^_^

I also am determined to dedicate more time to paper crafting. I have racked up so many supplies and gotten so many people around me interested and yet I have been doing nothing but sales pitches with nothing recent to back it up. Plus my modest stash of card is dangerously low. Having it around has been incredibly useful. Soon I have to start addressing and writing my winter holiday cards and that's pretty intimidating. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I've finding a few simple sketches of layouts and trying to streamline the creation process so I'm not as easily distracted or deterred from making a decent batch. I think most processes benefit from thinking like this. I hope so because that is how my brain wants to work, lol.

See you tomorrow. <3

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