Wednesday, November 17

260. The Taste Of Childhood

After running a few errands today (I'm thankfully closer to sanity after passing out last night), the SO and I tried a new Vietnamese restaurant since our old one is changing things up and we're not quite sure if it's for the better. This one isn't too far and still had the great prices that this cuisine typically has. Plus, it had a fairly nice atmosphere going on with it's decor and very kind and attentive staff.

I guess since we were riding the wave of the success and a conversation we had last night, we also went a little out of our way to stop by the Oriental supermarket. I did need some more of my soy sauce and subsequently ran around in a mini flurry to snatch up a handful of snacks I've grown up having. Nostalgia ftw! And yes, I did start to tear into them once we got back into the car. XD No self control.

Shrimp flavored chips despite the fact that I don't like seafood, little cups of jello made from seaweed that I'm currently freezing, Yan Yan crackers with strawberry frosting, and "Love Letters" or rolls made of paper thing wafers with a strawberry flavored frosting coating the center. Oh, I also got some... erm... banana leaf wrapped frozen pork meat loaf. It's not like American meat loaf and I don't know how to really explain it's consistency and what it really is, lol.

Oh well, I'm enjoying being a glutton and curing a portion of my homesickness. It is amazing what food can do for a person- feed their soul. : ) See you tomorrow!

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