Tuesday, November 2

245. Different Blends

The two boy cats in the house subscribe to very different beliefs. One will tolerate coexistence while the other is trying to demand interaction. The joys of a blended pet family. And by joy I mean aggravation at the most inconvenient of times. Three cats and a doggie and none of them get along well with each other. Eating each others' food; throwing it up in the middle of the night in the middle of the floor or high traffic pathways; provoking each other with a smack to the head/ face/ tail; and all the hissing, yowling, yelping, barking, and fur flying within mere seconds of a chance meeting.

I suppose it's like watching a few young children who are hell bent on landing themselves or each other in the emergency room. Well, ill-behaved children. Who were too cute to be disciplined and taught any rules or boundaries when they were younger. Lol. I've spent most of my life helping watch and raise children with occasional pets and I don't think I've had as much a problem handling it as I do nowadays. Thinking about this makes me grateful that working with teacher aides is a common practice in a special needs classroom, so I know I'll have some form of help when this comes up in that setting.

Sigh, we might have some sort of a reprieve for the time being seeing as how one of the cats just came into the living room and whined really loudly while checking out the scene. He must have lost track of our kitty. Thank goodness. I'm kind of getting tired of being woken up to fights twelve times an hour. Aside from the potential claws flying everywhere on top of you, they just make an awful heart-wrenching noise and have hurt each other before. We can't just ignore it but we don't feel that it's fair to keep each of them quarantined for the duration of their stays together.

I really wonder if I can live the life I want to once I'm actually out on my own. No random roommates or someone else's rules to live by and no one else to take into consideration with everything thing that you do at home. I'd like to decorate my own place for every season and holiday, organize each room the way I want to;  keep things clean, sanitary, and non-expired; have people over only when invited and prepared for; take responsibility for anyone that comes from my household and be able to trust them further than I can throw them (lol); be proud and unembarrassed to have company directly due to my habits; not have to share the food and utilities I pay for; be as loud as I want when I want; and so much more. Okay, maybe I do want to be a bit of a homemaker when I severely lack the skills, but I'm working on those and getting there.

We spent the evening hanging out in the living room together watching the political results. Eh. Then the SO and I spent the rest of the evening rearranging my room. I'll probably regret it tomorrow but a lot of headway has been made and I'm glad I had moral support during this round because it seemed to be that much easier having someone else think for me when my brain wanted to crawl into a corner and weep with sorrow.

Time to get some rest now. See you tomorrow and hope that you rocked the vote!

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