Friday, November 26

269. Apples Of My Eye

I have spent a good amount of today sorting through a bin of various lessons from the classroom for the months of August and September trying to organize it by supplies and themes. I have never seen so many apples in one place in my entire life. XD Apples of all different sizes and colors were all over the living room couch as I sorted through roughly two decades of materials. Pretty cool stuff! It would be really great coming up with some of these lessons for my own class.

I hope everyone who attempted it survived Black Friday shopping. I really didn't see anything I was dying to have for myself this year and I'm still trying to figure out what to get for the Christmas shopping and can't figure it out so... yeah. Maybe I'll have more of a brainstorm during Cyber Monday. That is much more my style. :P

Now, I feel okay with starting to celebrate the winter holiday season now that Thanksgiving is done and over with. Time for oh so yummy leftovers! I've given it some thought and decided that one day, when we have our own place to decorate and entertain company with, I shall have separate themes of Christmases to shop for and alternate from time to time. Maybe have a blue theme, a super traditional/ handmade theme, etc. Thanks a lot for the ideas/ plague you have brought upon my household in advanced, Ellen Degeneres and Christina Aguilera. Lol. The SO has been warned and doesn't seem to mind the idea.

I'm going to and start dreaming about sugar plums and such now, see you tomorrow! <3

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