Sunday, November 21

264. Lingering

Kitty has had a crazy morning/ day. Apparently he was in a feisty mood this morning when FMIL was up. I barely got any sleep at all last night so I was passed out for this ordeal. Flipping around, chasing scarves, nuzzling everything in sight, running full bore all up and down the house, etc. Then he was passed out for the rest of the day. We have begun to theorize that he might like the smell of coffee! I would like to test this theory out over the next couple of days. Lol.

On a side note, I really need to not watch infomercials. They just strike a chord in me during those late nights and I think I would have a lot of mediocre gadgets if I had the room and unlimited funds. Granted, not all of them are complete fails, my Cricut is one of the infomercials I saw around this time last year that made me fall in love with the product line. XD Oh boy.

Despite scrubbing several time today, I still have hints of ink lingering on my fingertips. Oh joy.

I'm still hoping for clearer skies indoors. :) See you tomorrow. <3

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